Bishop Park

It’s just a park. At least, one would think nothing of it looking on a map. But when you give it some thought, you realize how remarkable it is, being just a park.

Fifty years ago, it was just a pasture. It was a field with cows, and barbed wire. More than likely, the pond wasn’t there 50 years ago. The pond was probably added, like most of the ponds in this area. Yet, here it is, a park worthy of a stroll on a cool spring day. And given the amount of shade, even worthy of a stroll on a hot day.


Town and Country

One of the benefits of living in Frisco, TX, is that it’s far enough north of the DFW metroplex, that it’s on the edge of country life. In the field next to the Frisco Athletic Center, some farmer is still growing hay. It really makes for a mixed culture with Cowboys, combines, country clubs and billionaires. Before you ask, I don’t know any billionaires, or Cowboys. I just know the Dallas Cowboys training facility is here in Frisco, and there seems to be a lot of billionaires living here given the cost of housing. (What I mean by that is, they have billboards for new homes, starting in the comfortable range of $2 million to $6 million. I don’t think Heidi and I will be putting our roots down here).



Random Family

I couldn’t help myself. I was out taking pictures around the Heritage Museum in Frisco, and saw this family trying to get a group picture. So I told them I would do it, using my medium-tech Canon, and post it on my blog for their enjoyment later. I didn’t get their names, but enjoyed doing it for them. Hopefully these pictures are better than the iPhone they had me use after I took these two.