Miller and Stephanie

I went to a Reformed fellowship gathering this past Friday and took the camera so I could work on the impromptu portraits. The first picture, with the blurred background, is what I was aiming for in all three, but it didn’t work out. Need to work on that technique a bit more.

This is Miller, and his wife, Stephanie. He is Minister of Outreach at Christ Church OPC Flower Mound, TX. I picked his brain about some of the theological debates going on in Reformed circles. He studied at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA, and has an excellent grip on some of the controversies. I would go into a few of them, but most would find the discussions boring (in other words, is Christ subordinate to the Father both ontologically and economically, or just economically? See, I told you. as for answering the question, it seems that Christ is only subordinate to the Father economically, in the functions that He performs, and not the essence of who He is.) But enough of this, back to photography.