More Waco Bridges

I posted pictures of a bridge in Waco that I took back in 2012, and decided to go back and visit some of the bridges yet untraveled and documented by me. I was hoping for some interesting shots, lots of depth of field, with images fading off in the distance. I was disappointed and felt my first attempt at the bridges was actually better. You can check it out below. But given that no image go to waste, here is what I capture a few weeks ago.

I’m sure those stuck in traffic on this really old bridge, cared not that it was really old and fun to look at.

Not sue if that was a memorial of some sort, or an electrical box.

I liked this one best of all.

That is McLane Stadium in the background, where the Baylor Bears play…at… football. That seagull is actually an Aggie…come on, what’s it doing some 250 miles from the coast?


Learning to Drive

One of Andy’s first experiences driving a vehicle. I’m a firm believer in teaching our children to drive at an early age. I learned basic defensive driving skills on my brother’s go-kart that have served me well as an adult. I actually know what to do when the car begins to slide sideways.

However, I don’t think Andy learned that lesson in the Jeep. And it’s obvious that Joey is hardly paying attention to Andy’s driving skills at all.



View From My Balcony

I’ve wanted to work with taking long exposure pictures for a while, so while sitting on our balcony the other night, I decided to play with the camera. The following was the only one that was worth showing, but I learned a lot from the experience. This is the shot from my balcony.



This is the paragraph where I say something deeply esoteric about doors. I like taking pictures of doors. Nope! I never think about where they lead, or the opportunities they represent, or the wonderment of mysteries found behind the doors. If I did, the pictures would be of open doors, not closed doors. Nope! The closed doors are not metaphors for my life or yours. They are just doors.

Some of these doors have been seen here before, but some of them are new. And some of them do have special meaning for me. The burgundy door is of our home in Terrell. Yes, I painted it that way. Heidi and I like the “less-than-perfect” look it has. The new owner liked it as well.

The double doors with a balcony is from the place we stay in Tennessee on the Watauga River. We really like staying on the river.



Trains and Tracks

I think I actually love model trains more than I love real trains. But I still love trains. If I lived closer to the sea, I would probably love ships and boats and things as well. Given the distance from the gulf, I will have to settle for trains. Here is a compilation of the train and track pictures I’ve taken the past couple of years.



Celebrating Four

Heidi and I went out to Bonefish, our favorite restaurant, last night to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. The LORD has blessed us with four wonderful years and we pray He blesses us with many years to come.

We ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp, which is an appetizer, the calamari, side salads and a couple of glasses of wine. We always have a hard time figuring out how so many can eat an appetizer, and then an entree. The appetizers are enough for us.


Frisco Municipal Library

I’ve wanted to try some of these shots for a while. This one was in my mind’s eye, and Andy complied and made it come to pass. My goal was to have him stand really still, so that he would be in focus, while anyone else would be a blur. It worked.



Pointy Buildings


We have to be careful when it comes to calling these buildings churches. Yes, in one sense, these are church buildings. But one of the purposes in Christ’s mission was to remove “the place” requirement in our worship of the living and true God. We no longer have to travel to Jerusalem to worship God.

Another purpose of Christ was that He was building His church, which is made up of living stones, those born again by His Spirit. They are the ones the Father was seeking to worship in spirit and truth. So the pointy buildings are just man’s traditions, helpful though they are. The real church has and always will be the people of God.

But I still like pointy buildings.

Our New (Used) Wheels

The LORD provided us with a “new” set of wheels. For us, the word “new” is flexible, and in this case, means “less than 10 years old.” Turns out that the man who provided these wheels for us, got the year of the car wrong. He said it was a 2011, which would mean the care would be less than 10 years old. It would be the first time in many years that I had a car less than 10 years old.

But it’s a 2009, making it 10 years old and counting. All we could was laugh.

We are still extremely thankful! For a 10 year old car, it’s extremely nice and has a lot of features. In fact, Joey was sitting in the front seat for the first time, looking at all the knobs, buttons and switches, and said, “hey Dad, you have heated seats!”

Heidi and I have been really grateful for that little discovery with all the cold weather we have had lately.