Photos of the Week: Muddy Mess!

A Day in the Life…

It was fun playing Frisbee golf with the boys. I told both of them that they were terrible at the game and should not expect too much of themselves. They did just fine. I, however, kept expecting too much of my boys. I dialed it back a bit, and tried to have fun. After all, I was the only one throwing for par.

But then there was the mud. The course is laid out on a the bank of a creek bed, and actually in the creek bed. It’s a Texas creek bed, so that means that much of the time, there isn’t a lot of running water in it. Given that we had a bunch of rain the night before, there was a steady stream.
We did our best to avoid the muddy spots, but by hole 10, we gave up. There was just too much mud And several of the holes, which were actually in the creek bed, were so soppy that we didn’t try to play them. We gingerly made our way around the really muddy spots, if gingerly can be used when your shoes grow in size with each step as the mud continues to cling the the already existing mud. At one point, we had to cross the creek. Andy jumped across it, showing us the most narrow spot. Then Joey jumped across it. And of course, I didn’t make it. My left foot slipped on the opposite side of the bank and I plunged into the cold water. Great!

Later, we stopped at the creek again, this time, I washed as much mud off my shoes as possible. That did help, but still had quite a bit by the time I got back to the car.
We all sat down and started scraping mud off our shoes and I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. I had the boys take their shoes off, and put them in the back of the Chick Magnet. I did as well.
I decided to take the shoes to the car wash and wash them off there. But first, a stop here at the apartment. I didn’t want to go barefoot in the car wash bay, given that there is often broken glass there. I got my other shoes, and went to the car wash, where I sprayed them all as clean as I could ($4). The entire time, mud is flying off the shoes into my face. Frustration level: 6.
I loaded the shoes into an orange Home Depot bucket, so they would drain on the way back and we decided to wash the boys shoes in the washer. I had them throw all our muddy clothes in with the shoes and started the load.
But, I didn’t put my Keens in there. For some reason, I thought I could just rinse them out in the tub. They were still full of water, and leaves, and mud. What frustration. I cleaned them as much as possible, stuffed them in the orange bucket to drain, and hopefully dry, and realized I had to clean the tub.
I started lunch and spent the next 20 minutes cleaning the tub. You would not believe how much mud was still on my shoes. Frustration level: 9.
Then I realized that the carpet needed some attention, so I had the boys vacuum the entire apartment. Then we ate.
The clothes in the wash were dry, so I threw them in the drier, along with the boys shoes. Andy was worried that the shoes would shrink, so I told him that I would only keep them in the drier for 10 minutes. But we couldn’t keep the drier running that long. The shoes kept knocking the door open. Then the drier quit all together. Not sure why, but I think it had to do with the fact that the shoes were knocking the door open, and the drier wasn’t balanced. I messed around with it for a bit, and suddenly, it started again on its own. But I couldn’t handle the fact that it was unbalanced. Out to the breezeway for tools. It’s now balanced. Frustration level: 2, only because I accomplished something.
Then Andy helped me pick all the stuff up from the floor, and put it back on top of the drier after wiping it down. Every thing is in order, and a bit cleaner now.
All because we played Frisbee golf on the muddiest day of the year.


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