Wokeness Explained

When you stop to think about it, being woke takes work. A lot of work. It is work that requires the kind of perpetual sin-shaming of which Christ has assuaged us through His atoning and propitiatory work on the cross. There is very little, if any, grace in wokeness; only guilt and vindictiveness.

By Darrell B. Harrison

This is helpful in understanding the left. The left is never driven by grace, compassion, or true mercy. They are always driven by hatred. This is why they are so into hate-laws. They figure, since they are filled with hate, then everyone must be and seeking to outlaw the supposed hatred of others, never dealing with the hatred they have in themselves.


2 thoughts on “Wokeness Explained

  1. Are you familiar with Matthew 7:1-5? I ceased reading this after the first couple of lines. You do not know me, therefore how can you judge me? How can you judge a whole group of people, many of whom you likely not know? I couldn’t continue to read a composition that was saturated with what appeared to be hate and judgment. Completely the opposite of Jesus’s actions and teachings.


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