Kevin DeYoung On Biblical Social Justice

“My less-than-exciting conclusion [on studying Biblical social justice] was that we should not oversell or undersell what the Bible says about justice. On the one hand, there is a lot in the Bible about God’s care for the poor, the oppressed, and the vulnerable. There are also plenty of warnings against treating the helpless with cruelty and disrespect. On the other hand, justice, as a biblical category, is not synonymous with anything and everything we feel would be good for the world. Doing justice means following the rule of law, showing impartiality, paying what you promised, not stealing, not swindling, not taking bribes, and not taking advantage of the weak because they are too uninformed or unconnected to stop you.

So for simplicity sake, let’s take biblical “social justice” to mean something like “treating people equitably, working for systems and structures that are fair, and looking out for the weak and the vulnerable.”

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5 thoughts on “Kevin DeYoung On Biblical Social Justice

      • Yeah, had no plans to leave the last church until the pastor got infatuated with Bill Johnson and Bethel and went off the rails. He was really good until then. I’d heard DeYoung had moved to the area. We’re about 25 min. away (wish it was closer, but good churches are hard to find). But we’re not “celebrity pastor” followers, as the church was really sound before he got there. But he’s been great. They took new membership training very seriously. He taught each week for 12 weeks. Went through Westminster confession and more.


      • Please don’t complain over a 25 minute drive. We’re driving 90 minutes for a good church. 🙂

        BTW, look at OPC churches in my search. A good number of their members drive from long distances.

        Glad you found a great church, and you like DeYoung. There are so few good pastors and church out there that finding good ones is a real blessing.


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