The Sabbath and the NFL

Another great quote from R. Scott Clark. This time, he shows the NFL has been a danger to the Christian family longer than same-sex marriage. The NFL defiles the Sabbath.

The Sabbath is just as basic to the creational pattern as marriage (Matt 19:4, 8; Mark 2:27). In that regard, the NFL has been a threat to the family and to Christian piety rather longer than same-sex marriage. Before the 1950s, college football was king and professional football was more like a semi-pro league. In the 1950s, however, professional football moved to Sundays to fill television time and the rest, as they say, is history.

In view of that, I wonder if the LORD has given His church over to the problems of same-sex marriage because we were not faithful in the first things, honoring Him on the LORD’s day. Instead of engaging in the idolatry of the NFL, let us worship the Triune God alone.


8 thoughts on “The Sabbath and the NFL

  1. Another problem is youth sports on Sundays. A close relative and her husband had issues, but were doing better and going to church. Then the kids started doing soccer clubs and they were away a lot of weekends, then when home they felt awkward going. The family ultimately imploded in a giant fireball (long story). I’m not sure any are saved (one may be “saved and confused” at best), but there was a huge positive impact until they left church, and of course they haven’t heard the Gospel in years.


    • That is sad. The benefit of sports is always exalted over and against the benefits of Christianity, Lord’s day worship, preaching and the sacraments. That is because there are no real benefits to sports, other than puffing up of one’s ego.


    • Reformed Presbyterians believe the Sabbath is now the first day of the week, since it points to the new heavens and new earth. The old Sabbath pointed to the first creation, the new Sabbath points forward to the new creation. As Christ rested from His work on the first day of the week, we rest from ours and worship Him.

      I know we disagree, but that is my position.


  2. Timothy if you remember I used to coach high level travel basketball for many years and I remember when Blair challenged me about my commitment as an Elder. I tried to fool myself and say oh I am helping all these disadvantaged kids. No I was taking time away from The Lord period. If I did it again it would relegated to Friday and Saturday no matter what the outcome was. Because the always play championship round on Sunday just as satan planned it.
    God bless Brother


    • Hi Ben,
      I’d forgotten that. Yes, sports do take away from the LORD’s day and family. I’m finding that out the hard way now. Andy, 13, is now in track. Guess who misses out on visitation? Yup! Non-custodial parent. Ugh.


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