Photo of the Week: Roots

Taken from one of our forays to the lake. We’ve only missed one day this week, Wednesday, because we had to go to town for groceries. Every other day, the boys and I have loaded up into the 2000 Saturn Station Wagon ATV, and headed for the gnarly shores of Lake Texoma. We have played “monkey in the middle,” the “submarine game,” many rounds of mud ball fights with me declaring them off limits, and lots of swimming.

Here is the shot of the roots of the tree on the edge of the water. It’s a favorite spot on the lake because not only can I sit in the shade while watching the boys, I plant my chair in the water to stay cool, while reading a good book. So far this summer, I’ve read a John Grisham novel, and now Fighting the Good Fight: A Brief History of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. You may think it boring, but I’m fascinated by it and rejoice at the steadfastness of those in the OPC.

The following is the most dangerous picture to date. It’s dangerous because I walked about 20 yards off shore into the water to take it with my iPhone. I wouldn’t dream of doing that with my Canon. Even with the iPhone, I was a bit nervous. If I drop it: flip phone for me.

The other interesting thing about this shot, is where I’m standing is where I usually begin to swim for exercise. I use to love to swim laps at the local pool because I love the exercise. But swimming “laps” in a lake is a bit different. For one, you can’t swim “laps.” It’s too big. One lap around the lake would take a couple of days. Given that, I set my eyes on that distant tree in the center of the picture and figured I would swim to that tree and back.

Little did I know that the tree in question was probably a mile and half away. I made it as far as those rocks in the center of the picture, which was far enough. Realize that when you swimming in a lake, it’s different than in a pool. You can only see a few feet in front of you as you swim, and there is wind and currents you have to deal with. So the rocks became my destination point, and have proved to be quite a workout. Maybe someday, when I have nothing better to do, I will swim to the tree in the distance. Until then, I’m happy to head for the rocks.

Here is a picture of the tree with the roots that I love to sit under when I’m not in the water living on the edge with my iPhone. You can see Joey working on a mud sculpture and the 2000 Saturn Station Wagon ATV to boot.


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