I. Can’t. Write.


Nothing is working here of late. I get an idea, it vanishes. I think of something clever, it’s not. I open the page to begin writing, words disintegrate. Great pieces form in my head in the morning, and like the dew evaporate with the heat. I. Can’t. Write.

I know that many people who write go through periods of writers block, so perhaps that is it. But even when I feel passionate about something, the words fail me. Part of it is the stress of life is such that my mind is consumed with other things. Part of it is the fear of man. When you have opinions, people don’t like that. When you have beliefs and convictions, people hate that. Especially when those beliefs and convictions go against the thread of popular opinion. Then, back up those beliefs and convictions with Scripture, and people get even more angry.

If you are blogger with convictions, you know this to be true. One blogger friend had to remove himself from the public square because those opposed to his convictions concerning the LGBTQ crowd, began to threaten his life. We are living in an increasingly hostile nation.

So given some of that, the implications, the common stress of the day, my mind has shut off. I. Can’t. Write.



7 thoughts on “I. Can’t. Write.

  1. Looking forward to when your block has unblocked! The Lord is coming back, can’t wait as the days are becoming increasingly darker at a speed which I can’t quite believe.

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    • I know…the irony.

      What I mean is that cannot write about the heavier topics of my world. The things that are serious. And that bothers me.

      Thank you, and you have a great day as well.

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  2. Hello – I just wanted to encourage you. Please don’t ever stop writing about the heavier topics too. You’ve been a strong voice in the howling darkness which are world has become. We need your wisdom and Christian perspective. I understand the discouragement. I feel beaten down at times too, especially on social media. I will pray for your continued strength and for God to guide you through this slump.


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