Dying to Dreams: Living For Christ

When Christ calls us to follow Him, He really does have us die to everything we hold dear, every expectation, every dream, every desire. He will not leave any room for our own idolatries, no matter how noble they seem to us.

It matters not what the dream or desire may be, even when those dreams or desires are within the scope of biblical Christianity. This is because we have a tendency to take even noble callings, noble desires, and noble responsibilities and turn them into idolatries.

The most obvious example is the single who desires to be married despite God’s slowness in fulfilling that desire. The single then exalts “being married” to an unhealthy level and comes to the conclusion that he/she cannot be complete in Christ without a spouse. It’s at that point that the single needs to die to the dream and desire, and trust in God’s providential hand with their singleness.

This is merely an example, but it plays itself out in our vocations, families, homes, and even the country in which we live. If we exalt anything over and against Christ, there will come a point in which He works in us to help us see our need to die to the idolatry. He will not share the throne of our heart with anything.

But given all that, many times He does bring us to the point of dying to those dreams, and then provides for us in way that does fulfill them. I believe He does this to remind us that He will not share the throne with any other entity, but also to show in the midst of this reality, He does care for us and loves us. So our dreams and desires are fulfilled. Yet in being fulfilled, we are reminded that He remains on the throne.