Unbroken: Further Thoughts

The story of Louis Zamperini is that he was a man that would not be broken by his captors. In the movie, the climactic scene is when Louis is made to lift a large log over his head and hold it with the prospect that if he drops it, he will be beaten. Louis, in his grit and stubbornness, holds the log over his head for 37 minutes. It’s a remarkable feat of strength and determination.

This act shows Zamperini’s resolve in not being broken by his captors. The problem is that they did eventually break him, only he was no longer a POW when it finally happened. Zamperini was home in the states, married with children when he would finally came to the end of himself. But it was more than the captors that would break him, ultimately it was actually God who would break him.

This man who was exalted for his grit and determination would finally come to an end of himself and turn to Christ. This is exactly what happens to most people who come to Christ late in life: they have to come to the end of themselves. Zamperini was no different. Neither are we.


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