Photo of the Week: Tennessee Hills

When I moved to eastern Tennessee with Heidi back in 2015, I couldn’t help but being overwhelmed by how beautiful that portion of the state was. I remember driving to church our first Sunday there and seeing a small creek running along side the road, through the front yards of the people who lived along the street. Unlike Texas creeks, which only run after a good hearty rain, this babbling creek had a constant flow over rocks, under bridges, and was full of wildlife. It also has water that was somewhat clear.

The other benefit about eastern Tennessee is that when they complain about a scorching-hot day, they are talking about temperatures in the low 90s. I learned this one day while getting my hair cut in the local barbershop. They were complaining about how hot it was going to get that afternoon and I started to worry because I had planned on cutting the grass. I went home and checked the weather on the internet. High that day was expected to be 94. In the summer time, that’s a cool front in Texas. I know I was risking my life, but I went ahead and cut the grass on that scorching-hot day.

While I don’t have a pictures of the creek mentioned above, I do have just of the normal landscape in the area. You can see how hilly it is, and the beauty it holds.



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