Death-to-Self Diet

Chocolate? Out of the question!

Wine? Are you kidding me?

Beer? Just the smell of one is too many carbs.

Toast? Are you not listening?

A cookie? Now you’re being hardheaded.

Yes, my wife and I are on what I call the Death-To-Self Diet, meaning that you have to die to the idea of eating anything you crave, want, think of, for at least three weeks. It’s a serious diet and is not for those who just toy with diets. You know how some people are, they change diets like they change churches, trying one here, then another there, but never really getting serious about it.

The Death-to-Self Diet is not for the dieting interloper. We are are talking about a serious, long-term commitment. Otherwise, you are wasting your time, and putting the rest of us through all kinds of needless agony. If you are not serious, and I mean truly serious, then don’t even attempt this diet.

I wouldn’t imagine doing this diet had it not been for Heidi. She is proof that the diet is for real, and she is the reason I’ve been on it twice before. When she and I got married, I weighed a comfortable 265 lbs. Now realize, I’m 6’3″ tall, so I can support 265 lbs. without coming across obese. At least, that is what I told myself. In fact, some of my friends even told me that. But let’s face it: I was only a haircut shy of obese.

Heidi was kind in marrying me in the first place. But she did, and then told me the benefits of this diet. On most diets, you decrease your food intake and lose some fat, along with a lot of muscle mass. Then when you return to a normal diet, you increase the fat without replacing the muscle mass. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to even more obesity.

Not on this diet. On this diet, the body is fooled into using the fat as food, as opposed to muscle, and I’m not hungry all the time. Yes, I fantasize about food all the time, but never suffer real hunger pains.

The first time I went on the diet was July 2016. I dropped from 265 lbs. to 238 lbs. in three weeks. Even after I was off the diet, I still lost weight and ended up around 227 lbs. Then we repeated the diet in February 2017. I dropped from 231 lbs. to 207 lbs. Eventually, I settled out around 216 lbs. and remained there for more than a year.

Joey’s birthday was my recent fall. Heidi made Joey a carrot cake for his birthday, and, I couldn’t resist it. In fact, I know there still some of it in the freezer right now. Hopefully when Heidi reads this and knows that I know, she will feed it to Joey and remove the dreadful temptation.

Not that I would even think about it. Nope! Not on this diet. You can’t afford to be on this diet and think about carrot cake, or French fries, especially the fat French fries that are baked crispy and smothered with gravy, cheese, green onions, and Thousand Island dressing on the side for the fries without gravy. You can’t think of things like that.

Donuts? Put them out of your mind. 

Peanut butter? Please? Nope!

A bacon-cheeseburger with a toasted garlic bun and guacamole covering the patty? Absolutely not.

This isn’t a diet for wimps. It’s the Death-to-Self Diet.



3 thoughts on “Death-to-Self Diet

  1. Well, it looks appetizing, at least. Not as much as the peanut butter cups Heidi made, shown above…..


    • Those are off the diet. The plate at the bottom is on the diet. Lost 3.4 pounds in 2 days. So…I’m almost back to pre-Joey’s-Birthday-Carrot Cake days. 🙂


  2. To me, diet has always been “die” with a “t” at the end. I’ve been cutting off the things I like to eat for so many years that I’ve become convinced that dieting is simply the process of eliminating all tasty foods. When you no longer take any real joy in eating, you’ve arrived. And, yet, here I am still die-ting.

    I asked my doctor (an elder in my church, too) if eating right and exercising really makes you live longer. “Sure,” he said, “it could add a year to your life … but that’s at the end and at that point who cares?” And, yet, here I am, still die-ting.

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