Cracked Pitchers

William Gurnall writes:

If the provisions were left in our own hands, we would soon be bankrupt merchants. God knows we are weak, like cracked pitchers–if filled to the brim and set aside, the contents would soon leak out. He puts us under a flowing fountain of His strength and constantly refills us. This was the provision He made for Israel in the wilderness: He split the rock, and not only was their thirst quenched at that moment, but the water ran in a stream after them, so that you hear no more complaints for water. This rock was Christ. Every believer has Christ at his back, following him as he goes, with strength for every condition and trial.

The truth is that out Father often brings us to a sense of need before He provides. He wants us to feel the want of not having, so we can see that He is the One who supplies our need. He wants us to ask Him to meet our need and trust in Him to do so. He may not answer our prayer immediately, but may use the need to keep us coming back to Him. He would much rather have His children returning to Him for their daily needs instead of blessing them with riches, and have them fall away.

Given that, we should not despair that we have needs. Despair is for those who have no hope. Despair is for those who have the wrath of God resting upon them. As believers, we no longer need to fear His wrath. He has lovingly provided for us through the atoning work of His Son. Instead of having a God whose condemnation rests upon us, we have a loving Father who has lavished us with His covenantal favor. We have a Father that has provided for us in our greatest need. And, as our loving Father, He will provide for us in all areas of life. He may not do so immediately. As I mentioned above, He wants us to recognize that we have a need, and recognize that the filling of that need is by His hand. In that, we will rejoice in His rich love and provision. This is how we glorify Him, by rejoicing in His providential provision in our lives.



3 thoughts on “Cracked Pitchers

  1. OK, it seems like I’m getting to experience these words firsthand. Last night, after coming home from a week vacation, I found out my elders were going to ask me for my resignation this week. Apparently, preaching and teaching the Bible has been too much for them. Now I have a real need, finding another call. For those who read this, please pray the LORD quickly opens the door for a call and that I can find a ministry that truly fits my gifts and talents.


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