Photo of the Week: The Caboose Family

Heidi and I finally had an opportunity to visit Ed and Susan, members of our church. Their home is quite unusual, in that it is roughly under 400 square feet in size. You may have heard of people living in tiny houses, but Susan and Ed are the real deal. But, truth must be told. Their current home is actually bigger than their first home on the property, which was a genuine Burlington Northern caboose. It is only about 300 square feet. So they are currently living high on the hog. I really admire them for being able to happily live in such small spaces.

With that, here are some of the pictures from our visit.

This is Ed and Susan on the front porch of their spacious home. You can see their first home in the background.


They showed us the pictures of the what it took to bring the caboose to their property. When they got it, it was covered with graffiti and the insides had all the amenities (ahem) of a regular caboose. Ed laid the track himself, and both of them repainted the outside, inside, and the wheels.

My lovely bride in the living room/bedroom of the caboose. 11!

I love the perspective.

I took the above picture from where the trainmen would sit while in the caboose. 1331!

Ed sharing stories with us.

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    • I’m not sure. But they don’t strike me as the kind of couple that worries too much about the Texas heat. Now the Texas winters, that is another issue. šŸ™‚

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