Redeeming the Culture?

From Andrew Dionne and Andy Halsey:

“Redeeming culture” is the Reformed code phrase for “I want to watch sex and violence at the theater and act like an art snob and you have to respect me for it.” Redeeming culture is how we wind up with The Gospel Coalition telling us how a skin flick points us to Christ. Neither the love of God nor the love of our neighbor grows out of imbibing cultural artifacts documenting man’s rebellion against God.

This quote comes from their article about a PCA church outside St. Louis that is trying desperately to justify homosexuals as being “gay-Christians.” It has been pointed out before (and by many) that you cannot hyphenate Christianity. You are either a Christian, born again and made a new creation, or a slave to sin. Those seeking to continue as slaves to sin and yet calling themselves Christians don’t realize that they are still slaves and have not tasted true spiritual freedom.

You can read Dionne and Halsey here.