The True Israel of God

A very good article on the True Israel of God by R. Scott Clark. He shows that the hopes of Dispensationalists, who are hoping for the constitution of a national Israel, are misguided and not the purpose of God at all. In other words, they tend to think the warp and woof of the Bible is about national Israel, as opposed to being about Christ. While Clark doesn’t say it, I see this same thing when it comes to their view of the rapture. They are so transfixed on this supposed view of future events, that they fail to see they have made an idol out of an event, the Second Coming, instead of looking to Christ alone.

Here is Clark’s premise:

Jesus the Israel of God
It is the argument of this essay that Jesus Christ is the true Israel of God and that everyone who is united to him by grace alone, through faith alone becomes, by virtue of that union, the true Israel of God. This means that it is wrong-headed to look for, expect, hope for or desire a reconstitution of national Israel in the future. The New Covenant church is not something which God instituted until he could recreate a national people in Palestine, but rather, God only had a national people temporarily (from Moses to Christ) as a prelude to and foreshadowing of the creation of the New Covenant in which the ethnic distinctions which existed under Moses were fulfilled and abolished (Ephesians 2.11-22; Col 2.8-3.11).

You can read the rest here.