Evil and Good, Side-by-Side

In this cross, we find the ultimate evil and the ultimate good side-by-side.

The cross of Christ was the ultimate evil because mankind took their very Creator, hung Him on a cross and put Him to death. They took One who was innocent of all charges, innocent of all sin, and made Him suffer the death of a common criminal.

There has been no greater act of evil done to anyone on earth, ever. The death of Christ was far more evil than the holocaust. It was far more evil than 9/11. It was far more evil than Andrea Pia Yates drowning her six children in a bathtub. It was far more evil than the death of Princess Diana. It was far more evil than any of the school shootings we have had over the past 25 years.

We are talking about mankind telling our Creator we don’t want Him. We don’t appreciate what He had to bring us. We don’t need Him. We don’t want Him as our King, as our Savior, as our God. We, as His creation, wanted Him dead so that we could be gods.

What did He ever do for us? He gave us life. He showed us mercy and grace. He provided for us, and we put Him to death in return.

Now some of us might be foolish enough to think that we would not have joined the crowds on that day in shouting “crucify Him! Crucify Him!”But allow me to say, that the only reason we have been restrained in such thoughts of Christ dying on the cross, is because of His grace in us.

Yes, the death of Christ on the cross was the most heinous act in history. No other atrocity even comes close in comparison.

But it was also the most kind act in history. The cross was the embodiment of good. It was the best example of good that we have for in it we have our Savior, willingly laying down His life for His children. We have God’s love, providing for His children, what we cannot provide for ourselves. Yes, the cross was evil. But the ultimate good took place on that cross. Jesus bought and paid for His children. He rescued us from ourselves, the world, the devil, and more importantly, from the wrath of the Father by taking that wrath on in our stead. What love. What goodness. What kindness.

That is the cross, good and evil side-by-side. Those who believe experience the goodness in the tree. Those who do not believe only experience the evil.