Racism Is Sin

From R. Scott Clark in his article The Gospel is the Remedy for Racism:

Hyphenation died with Christ. I understand that there remain sociological and historical realities but in Christ there are no “Barbarian Christians” or “Greek Christians” or “Jewish Christians.” In Christ we have a new identity. This is why Paul’s appeal to baptism here is so powerful. It is a ritual death, just as circumcision was a ritual death. In baptism we were outwardly identified with Christ’s death. In death one’s ethnic heritage is superseded by a greater fact: one is dead. A corpse had an ethnic identity but death changed all that. In death we all become what we were to begin with: dust. There is no Greek dust or Scythian dust or Jewish dust. There is just dust. So, in baptism, outwardly, all that distinguished us from one another is made of no account and those who (sola gratia) believe, and who (sola fide) have apprehended by faith alone Christ and in him all that baptism signifies, have been given a new identity. They have been included into a new, multi-ethnic, multi-national society, the visible church.

This hyphenation he speaks of, also applies to gay-Christians, lesbian-Christians, etc. The only identity we are to have is “in Christ.” We are Christians, and no more. We were bought with a price, so to hold on to some past distinction and identity is idolatry. We live for the King, unto the King and by the grace of the King. Therefore to hold on to any other identity is to wrestle with our God about who we really are.

Let us let go of our Scottish heritage, English heritage, American heritage, African heritage, sinful heritage, and be who it is that Christ redeemed us to be.