Midweek Photos:Glock on the Table

I took these photos in the restroom of a Trader Joe’s, and thought that they would make a really interesting still life. Trader Joe’s is the first public place that I went into while concealing AND carrying. So it has a special place in my heart.

The first photo is a simple black and white with a filter added in Adobe. The second is also given a filter in Adobe and I like the hard black steel in the soft pastel setting. It just makes me feel all artsy-fartsy! I hope Trader Joe’s doesn’t mind me using their restroom for a bit of photography. It was helpful that their restroom afforded me the opportunity to put the gun on the table. You know, those guns are heavier than they look. If I don’t have my belt on the tightest loop, it makes me look like I belong in the hood.




3 thoughts on “Midweek Photos:Glock on the Table

  1. 1. Nice picture, as usual!
    2. What Glock is that? I have a 19. Love it, but a little bulky to carry. Just bought a Sig Sauer 938 that will be much smaller to carry. It won’t hold 15 rounds like the 19 does, but I figure having 6 rounds is better than the zero I’d have if my clothes don’t support carrying the Glock.


    • It’s an 19, gen. 4. Heidi has a matching Glock. 🙂
      I would love something smaller, but cannot afford another weapon. We were able to get Heidi’s gun by trading in a shotgun that wasn’t worth anything but shooting armadillos at close range. Turns out, it was a sought after shotgun, so we got a healthy price for it, and then we got all the accessories along with the Glock.

      I’m just getting use to carrying it with me, wearing my shirt untucked, and not taking my jacket off at the church.


      • Yes, same one as ours! Great that you both have the same. Easy to carry with untucked shirt. Super reliable. Glad you protect your flock that way! Our new church – PCA – is fairly big (1,500 or so) and the security guy said they have about 10 guys who carry throughout the building. No soft targets there!


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