What Does God Want in Worship?

The question that no one is asking when it comes to worship is: what does God want in worship?

Everyone always talks about what they like or don’t like about worship and never consider that the very One being worshipped might actually have an opinion on the issue. After all, He gave us 66 books dealing with worship, so we might be able to find a few things He has said to the issue.

He has told us what He wants. He has made it clear what is acceptable and given us ample examples about what He finds detestable. We see this early on in Scripture with Cain and Abel. Cain gave the first fruits of what he had grown and Abel sacrificed a sheep. One was a blood offering, the other was not. God didn’t respect the offering of Cain, and it drove the older brother to murder the younger brother.

The point is that God showed that there was acceptable worship and unacceptable worship. We are not free to worship as we please.

Now some will say at this point, that we are to worship in spirit and truth. This is quote from John 4 when Jesus was confronting the woman at the well. When people use this verse in context of worship, they often believe that this is an open door to how we worship the living and true God. Their thinking, which is false, is that if they worship with earnest zeal and emotions, then no matter what they do, it’s acceptable to God. But when you look at what God has said about how we worship Him, we find that much of what is put forth under the guise of spirit and truth is neither of the Spirit or rooted in truth.

Therefore, we must come to His word, humble ourselves before it, in order to find what God has prescribe for us to do in worshipping Him.

For more on this topic, read the following: The Need for the Regulative Principle in Worship written back in 2013.



2 thoughts on “What Does God Want in Worship?

  1. “We are not free to worship as we please.” I’m not going to argue with that statement. It may come as a shock to some, but as God’s people, we’re no longer free to do anything “as we please,” if our true aim is to please our Father. In a song by Gerry Rafferty, he said “whatever’s written in your heart is all that matters.” This is true – IF it’s God doing the writing upon our heart. Following Jesus’ words regarding “true worshippers,” we read that the Father “seeks” such worshippers. If God is seeking a certain type of worshipper, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that He also seeks a certain type of worship. How amazing to consider that we could be sought by God for the spirit and truth He finds in our worship of Him!

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