Joel Osteen is a Caricature Of Himself

Every time I visit worthless books O million, I have to venture over to the religion and Christian living sections to see what they are peddling. Many of my readers know that I’m in the habit of saying that if you buy a book on religion from a book store, especially a Christian bookstore, outside of the Bible, you just wasted your money. Bookstores rarely sell Christian books worthy of being read. So it’s my habit to take a look and see what they are peddling.

I did note they had two worthy books in both sections. Not two in the two sections, but two books combined coming from both sections of religion and Christian living. In the religion section I spotted Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Not a book I own, but I do know some who like Wayne Grudem. The other one was a compilation of A.W. Tozer’s books. So, given all that paper and book binding, the two sections were not complete wastes of space.

And of course, they did have the usual garbage for sale, especially since Joel Osteen has a new book out. It could have been out for a while. I don’t know. Osteen isn’t worth watching, listening to or reading. He is theologically vacuous. But here it is:


OK, that is just scary. Osteen is becoming a caricature of himself. With each book, the cheese look just increases. I know that is because they are applying more make up, since even Osteen ages, but alas, don’t they have anyone in the marketing department to say, “He doesn’t he look plastic?”

GUESS WHAT? I just noticed that I got a two-for-one in that shot given that Joyce Meyers if off to the side! I think Meyers and Osteen channel each other, or at least their marketing department does. Can you be less authentic?

Here was another one that caught me by surprise.

The stocker who placed these two on the shelves should get an award from creativity. Tozer next to Todd Starnes? Should these two be in the same section? I get that T comes after S, but one is political and the other is religious. I guess maybe to the stocker  thought that politics and religion are the same.

Just a bit of musing for the afternoon.


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