Photo of the Week: Big Daddy’s Roadhouse Barbecue

Last night, we were in Lavon, TX around dinner time so we decided to eat out. The restaurant of choice was Big Daddy’s, which was established in 1999. I say that because they worked real hard to give the inside of the restaurant the atmosphere of something that was quite antiquidated as far as barbecue restaurants are concerned. In other words, the walls were covered with photos of John Wayne, and country singers that only the greyest of country music fans would know. It kind of worked. The atmosphere of the restaurant was quite nostalgic for the good old days when men were men, and they loved their women and no more. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos from inside the establishment, so you will have to venture there yourself.

As for the food, I told Heidi walking into the restaurant that I hoped it was as good as her brisket. It was OK. The ambience was much better than the food. Not that it was bad. But for the money to feed me, Heidi and the boys, we could have cooked a better brisket at home and had plenty of leftovers to boot. So…the lesson we learned and relearn every time we eat out: it’s better to eat at home. It’s much tastier and much less expensive. In view of that, I plan on mounting a few pictures of old and forgotten country singers on the walls of my kitchen so that we can imitate some of the ambiance. Here are the photos of the week.