Picture of the Week: Broken Glass and Bottle Cap

This one is the picture of the week simply for it’s oddity. You will notice the broken glass and the bottle cap in the picture, along with a wire retainer for our tomato netting. Not much when you first look at it. But please note, all three of those are sitting on the shelf of one of my grills. Still nothing unique about that. But here is the kicker: the glass and bottle cap are from our home in Terrell, TX.

I constantly found glass around the backyard and placed it there because I didn’t want to take it over to the garbage can. I did that probably 8 months ago, and the bottle cap a few months later. That bottle cap, glass and wire retainer all made the move of more than 100 miles and never fell off the shelf. That’s right. They stayed exactly on the grill as I placed them, were loaded on a U-Haul truck, unloaded and placed on my patio in our new home… and never moved. It was only when I put the BIC lighter there that I noticed the three items and realized they made the move without falling off.

That is why this is the picture of the week. Odd isn’t it?