Screwtape and the Preacher

Dear Wormwood,

Yes, you have failed in driving your subject out of the ministry. He was ordained into the gospel ministry and installed as a pastor charged with preaching that dreadful message. I have to say that he is a zealous one for the enemy. He is committed to belching out those dreadful words to the point that even those in his camp struggle.

But don’t worry. This will give you the perfect chance to work on him, leading him into usefulness for our cause. Just keep working on him with his strength and that will give you a foothold into bringing him down. Let him think that every word he utters is of the utmost of importance for the Enemy. Feed that pride. Help him think that he is the only one who is truly proclaiming that filth. If you can get him thinking along these lines, you can go a long way, for the moment that you trip him up into thinking that the message depends upon him, and his eloquence, you have him right where you want him.

He is already heading that way. You can see that simply in the fact that he is preaching more closely to the actual filth than any of his contemporaries. Your colleagues have had great success working with his colleagues, in that they have them convinced that what they need to be is “authentic, winsome and relevant!” I know, hilarious isn’t it? We have them so bamboozled into thinking that the way they present the bilge is more important than the bilge itself. It’s only slightly off the mark. But slightly off the mark when it comes to the garbage, is a win for us.

No, you shouldn’t try this tactic with your client. He isn’t given over to such frivolousness, partly because he knows his own sin. That is one of the Enemies most effective tactics, giving our subjects a glimpse of who they really are. It is an effective tactic to help them remain focused on their depravity, but this one seems to keep his eyes on his savior.

Those others are duped into thinking they have moved beyond sin since they entered into their profession. That is another victory for us. We have fooled many of them into thinking the calling they have is a calling to sinless living, Haha! If that were possible? What is even better than that, is that in thinking such foolishness, they think that THEY, not the enemy, ARE the EXAMPLES to be followed.

But back to your subject. Continue to build it up in his mind that he is the only one, or one of a few, who are truly proclaiming that wretched message. Then, help him see that his fellow workers are not proclaiming the message like he does. Once you do this, then make him feel like it is his responsibility to critique and even attack his coworkers for their ineptness. Make it his cause. This will not only distract him from his perceived calling, but will bring division among his kind. Need I remind you how much our Leader loves to sow division among the Enemies followers?

When the pushback against your charge begins, reinforce this tactic by helping him see the need all the more for purity in their pulpits, and make him think the persecution he receives for saying anything is confirmation that he is on the right track. O how we have used persecution to our advantage among our cults. By doing all these things, you may gain success and render him worthless in his bidding. And worthless is what we are trying to achieve. Do this my young nephew, and you will be a worthy servant of our Leader.

Your affectionate uncle,





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