Picture of the Week — Light, Leaves and Leftovers

This is one of those rare pictures that I could see in my mind’s eye before I took it that actually came out better than it did in my mind’s eye. I spotted it several days before I actually got around to picking up the camera, getting on my knees, and adjusting the focus. I love the way the light was shining on both the ashtray, and the back porch, yet not in the back ground. It helps our eyes focus on the ash tray with a half-smoked cigar.

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Thor Ragnarok? Nope!

This morning, I was talking with Heidi about what I planned on doing with the boys today since we have the entire day together due to a school holiday. There have been times when I thought that taking them to a movie was a good idea, only to be dreadfully disappointed by the entire event. You can read about our dismal experience seeing the latest rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean here. I never wrote about our most recent experience to see a movie, Despicable Me3, but it was the same. We all came out of the theater feeling the movie wasn’t very funny and was nothing but rehash of the earlier movies.

Our distaste of movies seems to be growing.

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