Beware of Fat Doses of Moralism

From Christopher Neiswonger:

Be careful about someone creeping into the pulpit today and giving you a big, fat dose of moralism.

Morality is great. The law is good. You should check your behavior. But, it is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus is not an ethics class. It is not an estimation or analysis of your performance. It is not even an encouragement toward your better performance in the future.

It is grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

That is all the church really has for you.

That is all the Bible has for you.

That is all God has given you.

The question is, is it enough for you.

Or do you need something more; a righteousness of your own, a show of morality, a plague of external niceties?

An external holiness is a mask that anyone can wear. It is worn most effectively by the enemies of the Gospel. But hell will be densely populated with outwardly moral fellows with a light interest in Christ.

So instead of being good today, be crucified with Christ. Instead of looking down on your fellows, pray earnestly for their salvation. Instead of dressing the part of the Christian, cry out, and weep and wail.

And then be happy, and sing full of the joy of the Holy Spirit, because Jesus has overcome the world, even you, even your sins. Even your good works.

He has saved us, from ourselves, and we have not come to his aid in the slightest measure.


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