Street Preaching At Denton County Courthouse

My wife discovered that Dr. Jason Lisle was participating in street preaching at the Denton County Courthouse this past Friday. We both enjoy hearing him speak about creation, given that he is a real scientist and zealous for the gospel. Since I had never experienced street preaching, we wanted to go and listen.

Indeed, it was a treat. The men preaching were bold in standing up and proclaiming the gospel, even with the occasional heckler and naysayer. Instead of writing about the event, I will share it with you via my camera, with appropriate captions.

One of three men willing to proclaim the gospel as people walked to and fro…

One of a few hecklers from the crowd. He kept shouting that he was saved, but wanted the preachers to be quiet.

One heckler appeared to be listening while a volunteer tried to reason with him.

There were pockets of debate that would spring up while the preaching continued.

Dr. Jason Lisle sitting quietly, listening to the preaching and being ready to answer any questions one might have.

While the godly preached, a rock band played at a local bar. It was interesting to see the contrast between the two messages. One, offering the allure of the world, the other one offering forgiveness and Christ. The humble men on the street corner actually had more to offer.