Self-Righteous Alert

It was pointed out to me that one of my posts, Ten Commandments Destroyed in Arkansas, was a bit on the self-righteous side. It is. Therefore, I have marked it private, along with the latest one.

I really don’t wish to ever come across as self-righteous, but do from time-to-time. Given that, a dear brother let me know, and I’m repenting of that attitude and hiding the posts. I think I tend to be a bit more self-righteous when I’m not at peace about things, and clearly, I’m not right now. So dear readers, please forgive me.




2 thoughts on “Self-Righteous Alert

  1. Perry Mark Swindle

    Fear not cousin. I appreciate your intense, urgent and heart filled observations. Living and sustaining a Christian life in 2017 is a fight everyday – much easier when we know there are others who experience the same frustrations.


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