Presbyterian Church (USA) Quite Delusional in Latest Report

One cannot help but laugh at the absurdity found in the Presbyterian Church (USA) over the last week. As has been the case for 10 years, they have shown another decline in membership and the number of churches. Since 2005, their membership has dropped by 36%.

What is the response of the leadership? It is beyond logic, beyond human reasoning, beyond delusional. Here is a direct quote from the stated clerk of that denomination:

“We are not dying. We are Reforming,” PCUSA Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson, II declared in a statement made available on Wednesday. “We are moving towards a new future as a denomination.”

And if this isn’t bad enough, he continues:

Congregations are refocusing on their mission. Mid councils are experimenting with ways to provide meaningful leadership in challenging times. Congregations are celebrating both anniversaries and new beginnings. Young adults are asserting their desires to serve in both domestic and international mission. Despite cries proclaiming the death of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we remain a viable interfaith and ecumenical partner in many local communities while proclaiming a prophetic witness throughout the world.

Wow, if what they are doing is a prophetic witness throughout the world, then perhaps we need a new definition of what it means to be prophetic. Biblically, being a prophet, meant one was speaking for God, proclaiming God’s truth and His word. However, we cannot say that the PCUSA had been prophetic at all over the past 10 years, with their admittance of gay and lesbians to the office of pastor.

We could say that they are being prophetic in one sense. They are showing the world that the more and more you move away from God’s word, the more foolish one becomes. Usually being a biblical fool just meant being morally depraved. But given the statements of Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson II, I’m beginning to think the term foolish should indicate an inability to reason as well.

If you read his entire statement you can see the real problem. They are busy focusing on “meaningful leadership” and “bold moves to embrace the communal nature of our theology and practice.” But the gospel is absent, other than one token statement that leads into their next push to be inclusive of immigrants. This really shows their hand: they cannot make a difference with those of us already here in the country because we know they have nothing to offer. So the seek to prey on the lives of those who are ignorant to their apostasy. While they fail on basic reasoning and logic, they are still cleverly wicked. May they continue to evaporate off the scene of Christendom.

I will let the Apostle Paul have the last word:

…although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools… (Romans 1:21-22).


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  1. When I hear about such things going on in churches, I wonder what bible they are reading. I’m in my late sixties; until recent years, I thought that the word “church” meant a place where people read the bible, the pastor preached from the bible, people were sorry for their sins, and God was praised. Nowadays, the word “church” often means nothing more than a secular meeting of some kind, and/or people don’t even hear about God’s holiness and their depravity.

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