A Nice Quote From Luther

The Pulpit & Pen has an excellent article entitled The Crass, Intolerant Polemicist Who Loved Jesus & The Gospel, which helps us see just how much division Christ brought to earth. He did not come to bring unity, peace, love, puppy dog stories from the pulpit, but the gospel. And He even raised up men like Martin Luther, who would not be allowed to preach in many of the pulpits across America, because of his blunt attacks on the opponents of the gospel. In fact, as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of his nailing of the 95 Thesis on the Wittenberg door, I wonder how many churches that make a big to-do over the anniversary, would ever tolerate a man like Luther in their midst. Better yet, he would probably not tolerate many of them.

The following is a quote from the article, which you can find here.

In responding in discourse against Jacobus Latomus, a theologian to the Inquisition and determined opponent, Luther gave a lengthier response to those who found his insult-filled diatribes unbecoming:

“He [Latomus] says that I lack the evangelical modesty which I enjoin, and that this is especially true of the book in which I replied to the sophists of Louvain when they condemned my teachings. Now I have never insisted that anyone consider me modest or holy, but only that everyone recognize what the gospel is. If they do this, I give anyone freedom to attack my life to his heart’s content. My boast is that I have injured no one’s life or reputation, but only sharply reproached, as godless and sacrilegious, those assertions, inventions, and doctrines which are against the Word of God. I do not apologize for this, for I have good precedents. John the Baptist  and Christ after him called the Pharisees the “offspring of vipers.” So excessive and outrageous was this abuse of such learned, holy, powerful, and honored men that they said in reply that He had a demon . If in this instance Latomus had been judge, I wonder what the verdict would have been! Elsewhere Christ calls them “blind”, “crooked,” “liars,” “sons of the devil”. Good God, even Paul lacked evangelical modesty when he anathematized the teachers of the Galatians who were, I suppose, great men. Others he calls “dogs”, “empty talkers”  “deceivers” . Further, he accused to his face the magician Elymas with being a “son of the devil, full of all deceit and villainy.”


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  1. At the risk of suggesting the wrong question is asked-how many churches would tolerate Jesus in their midst? In fairness much of the good news of Jesus is about love and peace, it’s just not the same meaning as many people suppose

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    • No, your question is even better. Not many would accept the Christ of Scripture because they don’t know Him. And you are right about the love and peace. Thanks.


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