The ESV Disappoints On An Important Verse

My wife and I finally decided to purchase the English Standard Version Bible several months ago, and for the most part, we have thoroughly enjoyed the translation. We made the jump for two reasons: the ESV is easier for me to read aloud because it is a bit smoother than the New King James Version. This is important given that my calling requires me to read the Scriptures aloud to the congregation during worship. We also made the change because we know that most churches are moving in the direction of putting ESVs in their pews. When I preach and teach, I want my version to be the same as the congregation I’m preaching and teaching to for clarity sake.

However, we recently came across a translation of a verse that bothered me. We have been studying the issue of keeping the LORD’s day and one of the strongest verses showing that we are to shift from the seventh to the first day comes in Hebrews 4. There, the author of Hebrews is laboring to show that the believer has entered his rest from sin, once belief is real. For we who have believed enter that rest as he has said, “As I swore in my wrath, they shall not enter my rest.” This was due to the Israelites unbelief. The point the writer is making is that we enter into a rest from our sin. We are not at our eternal rest, and there is yet a day appointed for us to worship Him. That would be the first day of the week.

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