Abortion is Murder, It Is That Simple

Given the March for Life in D.C. over the past week, the subject of abortion has taken center stage on Facebook, and we are witnessing some truly clear arguments against the wicked practice, as well as some typical muddled thought. I usually stay out of the fray because my friends and family do such a wonderful job in destroying the pro-murder’s arguments for the grizzly practice. But this week, I felt there needed to be some clarity. First, my friend’s post was sharing something from Matt Walsh on the March for Life, to which, she added:

I’d be there today if I could.
“Yes, every child should be given a chance to live. Yes, we affirm the sanctity of life at every stage. Yes, a child is entitled to live the life God gave him. Yes, he is, according to our country’s own founding documents, endowed by God with an inherent dignity that no one on Earth — not even his own parents — can deny him.”

One of her respondents wrote:

Without judgement of what is important to others, please. This issue is multifaceted and so personal that we cannot claim to individually understand or have a more just cause than another. Godspeed!

Do you see the problem with this argument? This woman is a basically white-washing the murder of the unborn by throwing out how “multifaceted and so personal that we cannot claim to individually understand…” She is trying to water down the issue by telling us it is too complicated for comment or cause.

Nice try. It didn’t last. When someone offers up such an argument, it’s their way of being complicit on the wrong side of the issue. She knows she is wrong, but is trying to muddy the waters so that we have to shake our heads and leave the issue alone.

Let me see if I can shed some light on the issue in four simple words: “‘You shall not murder.” It’s just that simple. Abortion is the taking of an innocent life. It’s no more complicated than that. Yes, the lives of those who commit abortion/murder may be difficult and hard. Everyone’s life is difficult and hard. But this doesn’t excuse the reality that the taking of an innocent life is still murder. That does not change no matter what excuse you may use.

My wife did respond:

Faulty reasoning. Your claim of “non-judgment” is an appeal to just cause. And if murder of the most helpless is important to others, God will judge, has judged, according to His Holy word, “Thou shalt not murder.”
Exterminating the Jews was important to Hitler.

To which the liberal replied:

There is but one Judge. I believe that as well. And we are all flawed. Some are dealt circumstances with which they may not have the resources to cope. We can only offer those whose paths cross ours what they are able to accept.
With all due respect, Hitler is a completely different platform on which to discuss murder.

Again, she sidesteps the issue by pointing to the fact that we are all flawed. Does this mean that it’s perfectly OK to make the flawed decision to murder a child? Is that an excuse?

As for “the circumstances with which they may not have the resources to cope” again, nothing but a false excuse. There are women in the deepest parts of the world, who have very little resources, that would never consider murdering their children simply for material convenience. And let’s point out that our government has spent the last 40 years providing programs for women who need help taking care of their children through welfare programs.

She also claims that “[w]e can only offer those whose paths cross ours what they are able to accept.” This kind of thinking can justify all manner of sin and if this were truly applied in society we would have anarchy. As Christians we are to proclaim the truth of the situation clearly to those whose paths we cross if given the opportunity. That is the only way we can hope that repentance will take place.

As for her Hitler comment, at least through that, this woman recognizes that abortion is indeed murder.


7 thoughts on “Abortion is Murder, It Is That Simple

  1. I’ve been thinking about abortion a lot lately. If liberals think abortion is okay, how long will it be before they think it’s okay to kill those who are outside the womb? If a woman’s living child were murdered, she would want justice. Why doesn’t she protect a child that’s living inside her?

    As for women’s rights, some of the babies being aborted are girls who would grow up to be women if they weren’t killed in the womb. What about their rights?

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  2. Do you think that most people who fight for abortion rights are women of child-bearing age who might get pregnant and not want the baby? Or are there women who are past the age of having babies who are also fighting for abortion rights? What about men? I wonder if there are men fighting for the right to abortion for girlfriends/wives?


    • The wickedness is not limited by gender, or age, or to women who have already murdered one or more of their children. You frequently hear both men and women making the absurd statement that they “personally would never have, or encourage, an abortion” but that they still defend “a woman’s right to choose.”

      If you have time, I recommend watching this documentary made by Ray Comfort.


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