Heresy is Easy: Orthodoxy Not So Much!

Another quote that jumped out at me from Maurice Roberts from The Christian’s High Calling, was his demonstration of the difference between heresy and orthodoxy. One is easy, the other is work.

The appeal of every heresy is that it offers a quick and easy way to the truth. It short-circuits the process by which true religion is to be known and understood. The ignorant and the unwary are snared by the zealous cult leader because he can ‘prove’ his errors by quoting two or three texts of Scripture. However, he does this stealthily and craftily because he conceals from his hearers six or seven other texts of Scripture which define or qualify those which he advances as ‘proof’ for his error.

The hallmark of any true doctrine is that it satisfies the evidence of Scripture entirely and in every place. The doctrine of the holy Trinity is just such a doctrine. It explains every text of Scripture that bears on the being of God.