Westminster’s Overture is DOA!

Westminster Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America recently submitted an overture to the General Assembly for this coming summer. Westminster is opposing the study committee that was erected at the last GA to look into women’s ministry and women’s role in the church. The PCA has been quite clear on the role of women in the church for years. They have done studies on the issue. They have made it clear: women are not to have authority over men or be in leadership positions, which is according to Scripture.

What interested me is that Westminster points out the fact that this committee actually has women on it, putting men under the authority of women by default. Here is what they write:

“The ad interim committee on the Role of Women has placed women on the committee as members, thereby placing women in the position not only of potentially exercising authority over the men on the committee, but also over the members and churches of the denomination.”

I fully support their overture, but know just from that statement alone that their overture is dead on arrival. Just given the fact that women are on the committee, shows the denominations intent for women being ordained and placed into leadership roles. After all, are any of the men on that committee going to stand up to the women on the committee and run the risk of being labeled a bigot?  I think not. That is how committees end up being run by women. So women in ministry in the PCA is a foregone conclusion. The best thing for Westminster to do is to learn to deal with the new PCA involving women in leadership, or to make other plans.


8 thoughts on “Westminster’s Overture is DOA!

    1. Babalu, I agree. But please note, because of the stand I have taken on this blog, I have been silences at The Aquila Report, since the new editor is a feminist in sheep’s clothing. She will not publish anyone who does not tow here egalitarian (aka complementarian) line. So there are very few men who will stand with Westminster, even though they know that what they are seeking to do as a denomination is contrary to Scripture.

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    1. Yes, it’s always the same. First the women, then the gays. That is because the same arguments that they use to justify women in ministry, are the same arguments used by homosexuals to justify themselves in ministry. Allow me to say it: what works for the goose, works for the queer gander.

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    1. It projects their destination. Like one sports commentator I know who is always saying, “people project who they are and what they want.” I’ve found this to be generally true. The make up of the committee is projecting the truth of who they are. The women on the committee are elders without the title. It’s just a matter of time.

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