Fire Pit

It was one of those jobs that I knew I had to do: clean out the drainage pipes under my driveways. Yes, I have two driveways. One for the carport, the other for the husband, which is really just a place for a car under a tree. But both driveways have drainage pipes under them for the ditches out front.

For some strange reason, the previous owner was in the habit of filling in those drainage pipes with large chunks of concrete, asphalt, rocks and anything else he cold find. That led to the pipes clogging up with sediment. And clog they did. When it rained, the water went over the driveway instead of under it. After it rained, the water would stand on both sides of the driveway until it evaporated. I’m sure in the spring and summer the mosquitoes made use of all that breeding area.

Cleaning out those drains was the job I was dreading. I knew it was going to be back-pain inducing work, and dirty was well. As I was working around the yard on Thursday, I started on the project for my driveway (again, please don’t think we live in some palatial abode that warrants 2 driveways. Both driveways only fit one car each. Heidi gets the carport. I get the tree with the ever-pooping birds). I found several large chunks of concrete and asphalt. I had the boys carry them to a pile I’m collecting on the side of my driveway. Apparently the previous owner also had access to a lot of free concrete, because there are large chunks of it all over the place, along with two piles of rocks, and asphalt. I’ve also discovered a concrete slab under my yard at one point. I think it was either an old patio, or the top of an old septic tank. Will figure it out on some future work day. The point is that I started cleaning the drains on a whim, and finished half the job.

Saturday, I finished the one out front. It was back-breaking. In the process, I found more rocks and a few bricks along with some sort of plumbing valve. With the extra rocks, I immediately decided to have the boys wash those rocks off and carry them to our fire pit. I had bricks around the fire pit, but wanted to use the rocks instead. Given the fact that I had two piles of rocks, and a few others scattered around the place, I thought I could make it all the way around the pit. Almost! I had to use three bricks to complete the circle.

Both Heidi and I love the improvement. It looks much more like a cowboy fire should look. Hence, the following photo for your approval.


Fire Stones


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