Top 10 Posts for 2016

I had another banner year for 2016 with more than 83,000 views on the blog. I also had some posts that surprised me concerning readership. But the biggest surprise is that my post, Blue Bell Ice Cream: Top 10 Flavors was not in the number one spot.

The number one post was another that falls into the mundane category as far as I’m concerned. It was not one of my deeper theological treatises, but something I just threw together. The post garnered well over 7,000 hits.

Here is the rest of the list in reverse order:

10. If Gathering: Another Gospel… Again. It was through this post that I began to realize how damaging so many women’s ministries are toward the body of Christ. Given that so many women in the “big ministry” movement are inept at understanding solid theology, many women are being led astray. The IF Gathering is out there telling the women of the church to pull themselves up by their panty hose in order to change the world. Sounds really awesome. Only, it’s not the gospel. If we could do such a thing, we would not need Christ. It is this false gospel that so inundates the church and makes it so weak.

9. Andy Stanley Proves His “False Teacher” Status Once Again. This post shows just how much of a false teacher Andy Stanley has become. It wasn’t always so. I can remember listening to his sermons when I was in seminary; he used to be solid. But when you become Big Evangelical you have to compromise the message to keep those dollars coming in to support the Big Church. This post covers Stanley’s acceptance of gay marriage. After all, gays tend to have lots of disposable income.

8. Cremation or Burial: A biblical perspective. Another controversial topic because it hits home with so many people. I make the case that we are to bury our dead, looking forward to the resurrection of the body. Even in death, we are proclaiming the gospel.

7. We Cry Abba/Father, NOT Daddy! My treatise against calling our Father in heaven, Daddy.

6. NKJV vs. ESV: Thoughts on the Translation Wars. Just what it says. Please note that the ESV has finally won the day. I started using it several months ago and love it.

5. Ishmael: Blessed But Not Chosen. This article shows that Ishmael is not chosen by God. He is not of the blessed line of Abraham. This posts gets a lot of hits because those who belong to the “religion of peace” like to come to it, read it, then go back to their blogs and talk about how wrong I am. I had to turn off the comments a long time ago.

4. Blue Bell Ice Cream: Top 10 Flavors. See link above.

3. Ten Reasons Christianity is Far Superior to Any Other Religion. I’m delighted that this post is still receiving a lot of attention. I have started explaining each of the 10 reasons with separate blog posts, so hopefully, I am making the case. I still have a lot of work to do before I’m finished with this one.

2. Protestants Don’t Celebrate Ash Wednesday or Lent: We are Protestant for a Reason. This one always irritates the Anglican-leaning Protestants among my readers. However, given my complete disdain for the church calendar, I don’t mind stepping on any toes here. For those who don’t understand what I mean by church calendar, think Christmas. That is part of the church calendar that many celebrate with the apostate Roman Catholic Church. A true protestant’s church calendar consists of 52 holy days a year, each on the first day of the week.

1. The number one post was C.S. Lewis on the Lesser of Two Evils. I think this one hit a nerve this election year.

Those are the top 10 generating blog posts for the year.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts for 2016

  1. Tim, one little, tiny, itsy-bitsy point. “Lessor” refers to the person doing the leasing, where “lessee” is the one who leases something from the “lessor”. For something to be “more less”, so to speak, the word would be “lesser”. As in “the lesser of two evils”. Your version refers to someone who is leasing out two evils. I don’t know … maybe, thinking of Hillary and Donald, that was exactly what you had in mind. 🙂


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