The Social Justice Jesus is Not the Christ of Scripture

I know that often times it is a fool’s errand to take on the utterly foolish. That is kind of what I’m doing when I critique the article Social Justice is a Christian Tradition — Not a Liberal Agenda written by Stephen Mattson over at Sojourners website. Just the fact that the article is published at Sojourners should be alarm enough for the discerning Christian, given that behind the site is the heretic Jim Wallis. You can read Neil’s posts about Jim Wallis here. Neil has lots of posts about this heretic and has been battling Wallis and his followers for years. It will not take you very long to see what a false teacher Wallis is when you see some of the evidence put forth by Neil.

That brings us back to the article above. We can start simply with the title since the author claims that he is not pushing the “liberal agenda.” As you read the article, you will find that he is doing nothing but pushing the liberal agenda. You will note this by the way he refers to what Jesus was doing, what the Bible says, and making gross generalization about what Christians believe without actually supporting his statements using scripture, or, evidence of any kind. In other words, Mattson is counting on your ignorance of Scripture, Christ, and the church as he presents another Christ, with another gospel, and of another spirit. This is how false teachers operate. They uses the words of the faith, without the evidence of the faith to mislead the weak.

Mattson starts by appealing to overly emotional side of his typical readers. If you know liberals at all, they let their emotions guide their thinking, which is why they can be so easily misled. Not that emotions are bad, but our emotions, actions and beliefs, should be guided by scripture, not emotional appeals.

But the Bible tells us that Jesus cared deeply about the social causes around him.

Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Samaritan lives matter.”
Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Children’s lives matter.”
Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Gentile lives matter.”
Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Jewish lives matter.”
Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Women’s lives matter.”
Instead of saying all lives matter, Jesus said, “Lepers’ lives matter.”

These statements should be alarm enough for the discerning believer, given that Jesus said none of the above, directly or by implication. This is how false teachers draw away unstable minds. They say things that Jesus might have said, as long as that Jesus fits their image and purpose. There is a real strong admonition against adding to God’s word in the last few pages of the Bible, but I’m sure the gang at Sojouners have never read it, nor their readers.

Jesus was really clear about His purpose. First, He came to save that which was lost. Secondly, He came to save all that the Father gave Him. Third, He came to save His flock.

Mattson continues:

Even though Jesus loves everyone, even to the point of dying for their sins, he went out of his way to intentionally help specific groups of people — the alienated, mistreated, and those facing injustice.

So saying “Black Lives Matter” and participating in a movement seeking justice, positive reform, and empowerment is one of the most Christ-like things we can do.

Mattson makes the claim that Jesus was after the alienated, mistreated and those facing injustice. This always sounds so noble when one says it. But again, those facing injustice was not on His radar, simply because He is the only just judge. He will judge rightly and man’s judgment is always marred by sin. We don’t need a call for more just judges, we need repentance and salvation from our own poor judgment. Liberals clearly fail to understand the problem. They are not equipped to judge justly in the first place. This is why organizations like Black Lives Matter are so morally bankrupt. Why is this so? It is so because BLM is not about true justice in the first place. The entire point of the organization is a lie. They don’t seek justice for all blacks, just the criminals killed by the cops. They won’t say a word about that thousands of blacks killed by other blacks in Chicago, or Houston, or any other major city. And worse, they are not concerned with the number of black babies that are butchered every year in the call for sexual liberty. So the entire premise of BLM is off base.

BLM does not need us coming alongside of them, encouraging them in their misguided, hate-filled endeavors. What BLM needs is salvation from their own sinfulness. The members of BLM, and all who help them, are slaves of the most wretched master in human history: slaves to sin and death. This is why the Jesus of sites like the Sojourners is so limp. They are not appealing to the Christ who came to save sinners from death and sin, but to one of their own emotionally-misguided notions. They love their pretense of Jesus, but hate the Christ who is, the Christ who reigns, the Christ who is sovereign over all creation, and the Christ who is our ultimate and final judge.

So while the people at Sojourners mention Jesus all the time, please realize that they are not speaking of the Christ revealed to us in Scripture. They don’t believe in Scripture, and therefore cannot come to the knowledge of truth that leads to salvation. Jesus to them, is not a Savior or King, but a social-justice engineer made into their own image.

He didn’t come to save the self righteous, but those who understood they were in need of a savior to the point that they would trust in Him for salvation, not the social causes of the 21st century liberal agenda.

When Jesus heard that, He said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 13 But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’[a] For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance” (Matthew 9:11-13).

Jesus, as His name indicates, was out to save His people. He was looking for sinners. I know that liberals love to say that these people were the “disenfranchised” of their society, but that is a term and construct that is not found in Scripture. If we are going to actually help those who are in need of saving, we need to use the language of Scripture and quit thinking that all we need to do is offer a cup of water to the poor, and we have done our duty. What is most necessary is actually preaching the gospel.

Mattson, and Wallis, don’t believe in the gospel. They give lip service to Jesus dying on the cross, but then chunk the rest of scripture because it doesn’t meet there purposes. You can see this because of Mattson’s claim that the most Christ-like thing we can do, is participate in his liberal agenda of “Black Lives Matters.” The truth is, we act in vain if we do not take the gospel with us, and point others to the gospel as our only hope.

This is the same mistake people like Mother Teresa made. Reaching the poor without the gospel is merely making their personal journeys to hell that much smoother. In the end, what did she do? What has BLM done to truly help? How has Sojourners truly expanded the Kingdom of Christ? Without the gospel, they have done nothing to help anyone.



4 thoughts on “The Social Justice Jesus is Not the Christ of Scripture

  1. Great post, and thanks for the link! I’m blocked by Sojourners for pointing out that Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis is a false teacher and actually quoting his words, in context. They hate that! But here’s what I would have left there if they let me:

    BLM is not Christian in any sense. It is racist and anti-family (read their philosophy).

    If Black Lives Matter people really wanted to help blacks they would abandon the Democratic party. In other words, they are fighting the wrong people. The Left has been using blacks for half a century. Some do it out of malice (think: Clinton, Obama, etc. who abuse the poor to gain more power), some out of ignorance (think: bleeding hearts who like to sooth their consciences by giving away your money and rights) and some for both reasons. Here are a few examples of how the Left harms blacks.

    1. Illegal aliens take the jobs and/or suppress the wages of low income blacks. This is a simple and indisputable impact of the law of supply and demand. Leftists love illegal aliens pouring into this country because it is an easy way for them to buy votes.

    2. Abortion kills blacks at a rate over three times that of whites, and the Left’s dream of taxpayer-funded abortions will take that even higher. If literally taking the lives of innocent black children in this way doesn’t enrage BLM, then they are ignorant or complicit.

    3. Leftist government, education, media and entertainment continue to encourage out-of-wedlock sex and single parenting, which inevitably leads to poverty, crime and prison. This happens regardless of race but happens more in black communities because of how the Left targets them with their welfare programs.

    4. Minimum wage policies will take away even more low-income jobs. These jobs were never designed to support families. Minimum skills will always yield minimum wages. But these artificial, un-Constitutional wage increases inevitably cost jobs via automation (at some point a machine will be more cost-effective than a human) or lost hours (see the Leftists at Starbucks who have been mugged by reality). The real minimum wage is always going to be zero, and more and more minorities are experiencing that thanks to the Left.

    5. Fostering racial tensions, especially with the police. Obama & Co. have done everything possible to start race wars. They have made poor neighborhoods more dangerous with the “Ferguson Effect,” where police have a drastically reduced incentive to respond quickly or to do any defensive maneuvers. If you are going to be shot at or called a racist no matter what you do, why not just show up after the bodies are cold and fill out a report? I feel for the law-abiding people who are slowly entering into anarchy. But some BLM leaders actually want there to be no police. What could go wrong?

    6. Gun grabbing. The Left never misses an opportunity to exploit tragedies to try and take the guns of law-abiding people. It is too bad no one represents the poor but law-abiding people in South Chicago to let them buy guns to legally defend themselves.

    7. Out of control schools. When hoodlums are given a free pass to behave in any way they like in schools and not be kicked out then the good kids suffer. The Left now considers it racist if minorities are disciplined more often than whites, regardless of the actual infractions. The social contract to provide education to all children should have a caveat that if you don’t behave well then the parents are responsible. And as always, the government unions and politicians just take turns giving each other your money instead of helping the children. Even Leftists like FDR knew those unions should be forbidden.

    The Democrats do all these at the expense of low-income blacks, but history shows that the blacks will vote for them anyway. So why change?

    So if you are a conservative and anyone asks what you are doing to help blacks, let them know that you are doing a lot: Fighting abortion that kills blacks at a rate three times that of whites, fighting illegal immigration that take the jobs and/or suppresses the wages of low-income blacks, improving their police protection, fighting for their right of self-defense, fighting minimum wage increases that will take their jobs, and more.

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    • So very true. Thanks for the response. I would like to think that if more people understood what Dems were responsible for, they would quit voting for them. But seeing what Republicans are responsible for doesn’t help. Third party anyone? Well, let me amend that: conservative, Constitutional party anyone?

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  2. Every teacher who claims that Jesus meant this but didn’t mean that is simply making Jesus too small – the Gospel message is social and individual, wealth redistribution is certainly in the gospels, as is concern for the poor, imprisoned, sick, and acceptance of the foreigner (Biblical references include Deut 10:19, Luke 1: 46-55 and Matthew 25:31onwards) and to then take Christian teaching and pretend that any political party fulfils it totally, or to deny there’s a problem regarding racism or gun control, frankly is mad!


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