You Can Keep Your Krispy Kreme! I Will Take Shipley Do-nuts Every Time!

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I can remember all the hubbub over Krispy Kreme donuts when they first came to Texas back in the late 1990s. Everyone was all excited about the prospect because we had heard for years about how good they were. And they are great donuts. But never did I ever waiver from my love for Shipley Do-nuts because that was the donut that a grew up with back in Houston.

We never looked forward to going to Duncan Donuts, or any other donut shop Saturday or Sunday morning. For my family, the treat was always Shipley’s. In fact, at one point when my brothers and I were all under the same roof, we had to buy two dozen donuts when we went. Most of them never got cold. We were in donut heaven.

All this became relevant again when Heidi and I had to move from our previous home to our current location, where we bought a house. To my delight, we were driving through town on one of first excursions into the area, and I spotted the Shipley Do-nuts store on the main drag. I think I tried to imply that it was some sort of sign from our LORD above, but Heidi was having nothing to do with since we are on a carb-free meal. Yet, I could still take my boys there.

Shipley 002There is no reason the boys could not grow up with the same tradition that was started in my family when I was young. This morning, we made it to Shipley’s, along with the rest of our small town! The place was hopping and I promised the boys that we would get out of the house a bit earlier the next time we made the adventure.

As Andy tried to tell me about the “best donut” in the world, I very simply let him know that we would have no such blathering in my house since there was a Shipley’s in town. Yes, you can scream about your Krispy Kreme donuts. Eat ’em all up. I would rather have a Shipley’s.

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