Trump’s October Surprise

We should not have been surprised this would happen with Donald Trump. In case you have not heard, there are some tapes of him bragging about his sexual exploits, to the point that it sounds like he approves of rape. Some would say they don’t see him recovering from this.

I would say that this is what we should have expected. The Republicans wanted a rock star, and they got a rock star. Please don’t be surprised by the analogy. Stardom brings unrestrained behavior by its very nature. So we should not be surprised at the level of depravity we are discovering in Trump.

Remember, up until a year ago, he was a Democrat and lived, acted, and believed all things Democrat. Democrats really don’t have any problem with their leaders acting in such a way toward women, as long as they are rock stars. This latest revelation on Trump is only shocking to those of you who thought he could actually wear the conservative mantle. He can’t. And in this realization, the conservative movement has lost all credibility. What is worse, is that dear Christians have supported this man for all manner of reasons. James Dobson & company need to apologize for selling out their convictions, credibility, and followers for this man.

As Christians, we must turn to the only true One who can save us. We need to quit looking to the Republican Party to save us. We need to quit looking to depraved animals to save us in the hopes they might nominate a decent fellow to the Supreme Court. Our hope is not in Supreme Court, political parties, or rock-star candidates and their depraved pasts. Our hope is in the LORD. Only He can save us from the country’s current trajectory into the moral abyss.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s October Surprise

  1. God’s judgment look like this: Two serially and cartoonishly evil candidates, with the winner certainly becoming more brazen and unhinged.

    Best Tweet I saw about this: The October surprise is that every day in October will have a surprise about Trump.

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    • Which, in turn, is no real surprise. Sad to say that, but if you elect a Democrat as your Republican nominee, why be surprised he turns out to have a past just like a Democrat?


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