Protecting the Weaker Vessel

We have another shining example this week illustrating why the elders of the church need to protect the women of the church from the wolves of the church. This time, it is Jen Hatmaker who has recently come out and caved on the issue of homosexuality. This has caused Lifeway Christian Resources to pull her books off the shelves, and  brought some clarity from Matt Walsh who had this to say about Hatmaker’s recent move on the issue:

Now, you may struggle with the Biblical teaching on homosexuality, just as you may struggle with any other teaching. You may not understand it. You may find it harsh and difficult and emotionally distressing. But before we even get into explaining why the Bible says what it says, all we really need to establish is that it does say it. Period. We are commanded by God to accept this teaching or risk losing our souls. It’s not an option. We are not required to follow Christ only in the areas where we can find mutual agreement with Him. Our consent and agreement does not matter. At all. Not one tiny bit. We are called to follow regardless. That’s what it means to love God.

The reason so many people fall when it comes to the issue of homosexuality, and sin in general, is because they place their love for people over and against their love for God. They have made “acceptance” and “toleration” into idolatry and ignored what God has said. As Christians, we cannot do this. Our stand must always be on what the word of God has declared on any given topic, no matter what the cultural push may be. We should know this: the culture is always at odds with the word of God.

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The Missional Creep of the PCA

Sadly, in my current denomination of the Presbyterian Church in America, the term “missional” is being used more and more. I first heard the phrase back in the 1990s while at seminary. The term is put forth as some new thing that we must be in order to reach the lost for Christ.

It really bothers me whenever I hear new terms like this because it implies that the language of the faith that has come down to us over the past 2,000 years was not good enough. Yes, I realize that really important terms like the “trinity” were new at one point. This is because we did not have an accurate term for the concept that God is three persons but one God; the term was necessary for helping our feeble minds understand such a great truth.

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ALERT: Scripture Abuse

This is floating around the internet.


The command is actually: you shall not murder. There is a big difference between a government lawfully killing a criminal, which the Bible permits, and murdering someone. Murder is the taking of a innocent life. Killing someone via the death penalty is fully justified because the person being killed has killed another, destroying an image bearer of God. This is why the LORD gave us the command in the first place. It is to deal with those who have sinned against God by destroying His image in another person.

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The Social Justice Jesus is Not the Christ of Scripture

I know that often times it is a fool’s errand to take on the utterly foolish. That is kind of what I’m doing when I critique the article Social Justice is a Christian Tradition — Not a Liberal Agenda written by Stephen Mattson over at Sojourners website. Just the fact that the article is published at Sojourners should be alarm enough for the discerning Christian, given that behind the site is the heretic Jim Wallis. You can read Neil’s posts about Jim Wallis here. Neil has lots of posts about this heretic and has been battling Wallis and his followers for years. It will not take you very long to see what a false teacher Wallis is when you see some of the evidence put forth by Neil.

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You Can Keep Your Krispy Kreme! I Will Take Shipley Do-nuts Every Time!

Shipley 001

I can remember all the hubbub over Krispy Kreme donuts when they first came to Texas back in the late 1990s. Everyone was all excited about the prospect because we had heard for years about how good they were. And they are great donuts. But never did I ever waiver from my love for Shipley Do-nuts because that was the donut that a grew up with back in Houston.

We never looked forward to going to Duncan Donuts, or any other donut shop Saturday or Sunday morning. For my family, the treat was always Shipley’s. In fact, at one point when my brothers and I were all under the same roof, we had to buy two dozen donuts when we went. Most of them never got cold. We were in donut heaven.

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R.C. Sproul Jr. On the Real Battles We Face

I think this sums up the real difference we make as believers:

The real battles are these: Will I speak graciously to my children today? Will I have a grateful and cheerful heart about my neighbors, my fellow employees, those with whom I worship? Will I go to war against gossip, not by pointing out the gossip of others but by tending my own garden? Whether some evangelical superstar embraces some mystical prayer form is less important to the kingdom’s future than whether I will pray faithfully for that little girl with the brain tumor.

Read the rest of Sproul’s post, Someone Is Wrong on the Internet.

Franklin Graham Has It Wrong on Trump


The false premise of our current political debate is that we have to vote for a less evil man in order to save the country.

Once again, after the latest debauch-fest by Trump is revealed, another evangelical leader came forth telling fellow believers we must vote for this Cretan. One of the reoccurring themes we have seen in this election cycle has been evangelical leaders, who absolutely chastised Bill Clinton while he was in office for his moral turpitude, now turning and supporting one who is just as morally depraved. These leaders are doing so have some inkling of hope in the Supreme Court, as if our hope is ever to be in the Supreme Court. In the process, they are losing legitimacy in their witness by selling out their values. I know they mean well. They are doing what they can to “save the nation.” And therein lies the problem. We are not called, anywhere in Scripture, to save the nation. We cannot save the nation.

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Tuininga on Abortion

From Matthew J. Tuininga’s blog post, Donald Trump and Sexual Assault: What Else Are Evangelicals Willing to Accept.

Abortion is a horrific, deeply rooted moral problem. Terrorism and violence seem to claim more lives every day. But every two minutes in this country another woman – or a child – is sexually assaulted. These are our wives. These are our children. These are our neighbors. What else do we have to say? Who else are we going to throw under the bus while claiming that all of this somehow helps us save the lives of the unborn? And can we really say with a straight face that hitching our wagon to Donald Trump is good for the cause and credibility of religious liberty?

Overturning Roe v. Wade is Not Our Primary Goal


When it comes to the battle for the right to life, one assumption that we make in the evangelical world is thinking that we must elect one degree of despot over and against another despot in order to get the Supreme Court we need to overturn Roe v. Wade. For those of you who are just waking up to social issues, Roe v. Wade is the Supreme Court ruling that legalized the murder of children in the womb of their mothers.

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Trump’s October Surprise

We should not have been surprised this would happen with Donald Trump. In case you have not heard, there are some tapes of him bragging about his sexual exploits, to the point that it sounds like he approves of rape. Some would say they don’t see him recovering from this.

I would say that this is what we should have expected. The Republicans wanted a rock star, and they got a rock star. Please don’t be surprised by the analogy. Stardom brings unrestrained behavior by its very nature. So we should not be surprised at the level of depravity we are discovering in Trump.

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Sunday Morning Coffee

My second cup of coffee is moments away from becoming empty as I sit looking out on my backyard where the leaves are falling and we are hearing our second train of the morning going through downtown. We love the sound of trains, especially on a morning like this one. It’s the LORD’s day, and because it is so, we are resting from our labors, looking forward to worship with God’s people.

After a long week, my mind is tired, my zeal is lacking, and now, my coffee is empty. But fortunately for me, my wife is filling my cup.

Now, on to the deeper things in life: breakfast!

If anyone thinks himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things which I write to you are the commandments of the Lord (1 Corinthians 14:37).