Dear Fellow Christians

Dear Fellow Christians,

You still have not convinced me from Scripture how it is my responsibility to “save the nation” by voting for Trump. I know that many of you are excited because Ted Cruz endorsed Trump today, as if, the salvation of the nation were in Cruz’ hands.

I have also seen that Franklin Graham is making the same appeal, that we vote for Trump to stave (the transitive verb definition) off Hillary.

Again, I don’t see any of this in Scripture. We are called, not to save nations, but to go and make disciples in all the nations. You keep acting like this election is going to aid us in our mission or impede us in our calling. But realize that the Apostles did not seek permission from Rome to proselytize the Jews, or anyone else that would listen. They were simply faithful and true, preaching the gospel both to Jew and Gentile, leaving the harvest up to the LORD.

This is part of the Great Commission, which is a far more noble calling than saving a pagan nation from itself. So please, please, please, stop thinking that we are gaining anything by getting Trump elected. As Christians, that is NOT our calling or mission. We are to pray that our leaders let us live our lives in peace, and trust God if that does not happen. But we are not to become political spokesmen for the despots running for office, selling our values in the hopes that this moral ne’er-do-well will some how “save this nation” via the Supreme Court. That is a fools errand.

Let us make disciples, worship the LORD in Spirit and Truth, live according to His commandments (including the Fourth Commandment) and pray for a harvest to the Kingdom that does not perish. Let us trust in the true King of all creation and realize that our hope, safety, livelihood and security are not tied up in a bunch of mini-despots in this nation’s capital. Our hope is in the eternal King of glory, who rules with loving compassion towards those who are His, and an iron rod towards those who are not. Let us quit wasting our time seeking to save that which HE has never promised to save, and seek to share the gospel with those who are His, but yet do not know it.

If we would spend as much time focused on serving Him, and being faithful to Him, as we do in seeking to get Trump elected… well, who knows what might happen. But I’m quite certain what will happen if we do elect Trump: nothing. The nation will continue to slide into moral decay because we will be deluded into thinking we have pushed off that evil by electing the slightly less than evil Donald, instead of the slightly-more-evil Hillary.

As believers, let us trust, follow, obey and worship the only One who can actually make a difference in our country, culture and communities. Let us trust in our Savior, Jesus Christ, looking to Him for all good things.




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  1. We ARE commanded to “Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow.” (Isa 1:17) We are to love our neighbors. We are to seek good for them. Those arguing that Cruz or Trump (or even Hillary) constitute our salvation are, of course, deceived, but we are to seek the good of our neighbors. That is biblical, right?

    Of course, my problem is I can’t seem to pull the trigger on “Trump is better for my neighbors than Hillary.” I can’t get there. I’m just pointing out that there are biblical reasons to vote and to vote carefully and conscientiously.

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