Dear Evangelical Trumpsters

Dear Evangelical Trumpsters,

I think you might have more credibility with me if you were to come right out and apologize to Bill Clinton for all the things you said about him while he was President of the United States. Remember how we piled on about how immoral he was, and how he lied under oath, even to the point of impeachment? We were all right in doing so. He was a disgrace to the office of the president.

But in supporting Trump, you have lost your credibility. You have shown that your allegiance is really open to the highest bidder, simply because someone has an R behind their name. The moment you pull that lever for Trump, is the moment you compromise your convictions for expediency. You are basically a pragmatist, and every thing you opposed in Clinton (and others) because of biblical principles is now compromised. Anything you say from this point forward in trying to be salt and light in society and culture, is empty. It is really sad that you are willing to sell out your convictions, your truth, your doctrine so easily, when push comes to shove. What is even sadder than this, is that you are selling out to save your comfortable way of life. You are not willing to give up anything in order to stand for Christ. True believers will gladly give it all up, to follow their LORD.

We don’t compromise when it comes to our beliefs and values because the Bible itself does not compromise. I would rather trust a Sovereign God with the likes of Hillary in the White House, than give up my convictions derived from Scripture, just so we can have Bill Clinton times three, aka, Donald Trump, hoping that he might push the implosion of this country back for a few months. Both candidates are godless and evil. God’s judgment is already on this nation.




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  1. God is going to judge more harshly the Religious Leaders who have endorsed the wicked, lying, evil Pagan trump..


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