The Hard Room

Training 001

I spent the last week in training, much of that time, in this room pictured above. I call it the hard room, not because the training was hard. The training was the best I have received since entering my new profession as a teacher more than two years ago.

I call it the hard room because those tiny stools connected to those tables were the hardest stools I’ve encountered in some time. It was hard on my backside as well as my back. I think this was the first time I had to go for some Aleve in order to relieve the pain, caused by sitting. Other than that, it was a great training session and I came away with more useful tools for the classroom than at any other time in this short career.


2 thoughts on “The Hard Room

  1. My son worked in fast food for awhile. He told me that all of them so design their seating areas for customers so that they look fine, but they are not comfortable enough to stay very long. I bet there is a bit of that going on in that space, too. Glad you survived.


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