On Reason and Convictions

As a former colleague of mine used to observe, you can’t reason someone out of a conviction that reason didn’t lead them to.

Taken from Robert Tracy McKenzi’s post: REGIONAL PRIDE OR RACISM? THOUGHTS ON THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG, pt. ONE. Mckenzi is a professor and chair of the Department of History at Wheaton College.

The quote is so monumental that I needed to share it with you.


3 thoughts on “On Reason and Convictions

  1. Seriously, Timothy, that is really profound and good to keep in mind, given that today’s world draws its views almost exclusively from feelings.

    Now, if you could, how about the next part? If it isn’t a view they arrived at by reason, how do you turn them from it?


    • Really, that is the question. Some would say by asking them a question about their position, like, “how did you arrive at that position?” It might help them to see that they have a position, but not one based upon any facts or truth in reality. I’m sure for most, it would be a position based on anecdotal evidence, which is hard to refute.


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