C.S. Lewis on “The Lesser of Two Evils”

This came across Facebook at just the right time. I was in the midst of a debate with my brother about the fact that I’m not voting for either candidate in the upcoming election. We need this reminder that choosing the lessor of two evils, is… still choosing evil. That will never change.


UPDATE: From Jason A. Van Bemmel’s article: The Curse of Constantine and the Lie of the Lessor of Two Evils:

Here’s the bottom-line lesson of the curse of Constantine: When the church focuses on earthly political power, both the church and the world lose. Instead of on preaching the Gospel, showing the love of Jesus and speaking as a prophetic voice of truth to the culture, the church fights among itself, jockeys for political power, compromises, manipulates, back-stabs and presents an ugly, awful witness to the world.  The church loses her spiritual power, and the world loses a vital Gospel witness it so desperately needs.

I remember sharing the story of Chuck Colson’s conversion with a non-Christian friend in college. He listened politely and said, “So, he went from being a Republican political operative to being a Christian? Not much of a change, huh?” That’s the opinion of much of the world when it comes to Christianity. Sadly, we have too much in the media and on social media to reinforce that stereotype.

The Lie of the Lesser of Two Evils

As the church has sought to gain and keep political power, it has often compromised by giving into the lie that we must always choose the lesser of two evils. The church has been forced into situations of moral compromise by a worldly political power Jesus never called it to have. From the very beginning, the church had to decide how much it would compromise in order to gain and keep the favor of the emperor. They had to decide how far they would bend God’s word to win political favor.

Some refused to compromise, preferring to preach and teach the word of God without compromise. Sadly, they often paid with their lives, since the church powers now had the power of the sword. John Chrysostom was walked to death in the year 407 at the age of 58 because he refused to compromise. Jan Hus was burned at the stake.  John Knox was driven from Scotland and lived years in exile.

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3 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis on “The Lesser of Two Evils”

  1. So true. As Lewis and America’s Founders understood from suffering the contrary, it’s all about the Word of God, Incarnate (Jesus Christ) and Written (Holy Scripture) coextensive, standing or falling in our understanding together. See “Biblical Authority” by John Woodbridge. Mathew 5:18  For truly I say to you, Till heaven and earth pass away, the smallest letter or stroke [of Holy Scripture] shall in no way pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished.” [The ungodly, e.g. the various forms of fascism, have tried to make this happen for millennia in vain] John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” and that truth is Jesus Himself (Incarnate and Written coextensive) versus some abstraction that is merely a typological representation of His dear self. Most “conservatives” & RINO “GOP” today hypocritically called out Dems for voting God out of the party platform in 2012 while themselves effectively do the same by never seriously considering him, merely blindly parroting “God Bless America, as if that’s to be taken seriously if he’s never seriously mentioned elsewhere, which he’s not. It’s why, as Franklin Graham rightly resigned from the GOP (it had after all left the Christian faith of America’s Founding long before that), I have also long rejected the meaningless and foolish “GOP” and “conservative” monikers as being mostly no less meaningless than “Democrat” and “liberal” when one considers none of our Founders would be allowed in either party, though I don’t thereby intend a moral equivalence in view of how incredibly, hypocritically evil Dims and their egomaniacal delusions of godhood have become. A”s much as I LOATHE Dims, I must give them their due: their level of commitment to do anything to advance their evil cause puts the GOP hopelessly to shame since they won’t even be inconvenienced to do what’s TRUE and RIGHT, much less promoting true religious freedom. and standing up to godless, immoral, degenerate, psychotic egomaniacal, lawless, fascist Dims. As our vastly more educated and wiser Founders knew and understood from often bitter personal experience and hardship, unlike today’s fools, and therefore sternly warned and promised, only God can save us, without whom we’re certainly doomed to death and destruction, whether by evil Trump or Hillary.. Soli Deo gloria!


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