The Triune God Decreed Both Trump and Clinton


Q. 7. What are the decrees of God?
A. The decrees of God are, his eternal purpose, according to the counsel of his will, whereby, for his own glory, he hath foreordained whatsoever comes to pass.

Given this foundational truth, as outlined by the Westminster Shorter Catechism, we can safely assume that the LORD has decreed both Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. As Christians, we only have a few choices on how we will vote in the upcoming election. As I have pointed out before, I don’t plan on voting at all. My conscience is clear; I’m sitting the election out and trusting the LORD to take care of me, my family, and my brothers and sisters in Christ as the country continues in rebellion against the LORD and His followers.

Others have argued to vote for third party candidates, but we know that doing so is more symbolism over substance. Or, and this is more heinous that the previous two options, you can try to convince yourself that Trump is a Christian, he is a conservative, and he is gawd’s man for our kuntry!

The truth be known, those evangelicals who have committed to falling in line with Trump are more interested in their perceived sense of power and importance than they are with being obedient to our true King, Jesus Christ. It is sad to hear of the evangelical leaders who are trying to justify voting for Trump, even to the point of calling those of us who refuse to vote for Trump foolish for not jumping on board.

Some might ask why God could have allowed two such wretched candidates to end up as nominees for our country. I think I have some answers for that.

First, why should we expect any better as a country? Are we that prideful that we  think we should have only the finest candidates in our country when we long ago departed from the truth of God’s word? Are we that demanding, that we can get angry with God because He has not given us what we “think” we deserve? Who are we to demand moral candidates when we lack morality in our own lives?

What if God, who is looking out for the best for His children, decided that it would be best to remove the idol of worship known as the United States of America, so that we in turn worship Him alone? Would that not be best for His children? Would that not help us see that He really meant it when He told us we could not serve two masters?

Yet, Christians serve two masters all the time when they exalt the United States in their worship, and in their hearts. One telltale sign of this idolatry is the American flag in the sanctuary. This symbol of our country brings about more false worship and heresy than we are willing to admit, but many are convinced that they are not good Americans unless the flag is there inside the sanctuary. However, our worship should be focused on who we are in Christ, not on who we are as Americans. Our American identity should really take a back seat to our identity as Christians. Many will add patriotic songs to their worship of the Triune God during the first week of July, never realizing that this idolatry is actually offensive to God.

And, maybe the truth is, many are not really worshiping the Triune God. They are probably worshiping a god of their own choosing, one who founded America to fulfill some misunderstood prophecy or false dream, a god who is all about apple pie and dying for the flag. This god of American worship is really only concerned with one thing: are we willing to die for the flag as well? Are we willing to shed our own blood for the American ideal? Are we willing to pledge our sole allegiance to this country so that all our time and devotion is given over to it, so that there is no question where our loyalty lies?

These demands are not that much different than the demands that Jesus Christ makes on His followers. He tells us to die to ourselves, to take up our crosses daily, to be devoted solely to Him. The difference is that His Kingdom is the true Kingdom. He is the true and everlasting King. The god of America is a false god of the counterfeit kingdom identified in Scripture as Babylon. We think because the founding fathers used principles found in Scripture, that our Constitution was, and is, biblical, that our country was raised up by God, and that it was, and still is, His pleasure and delight.

It is good that there are biblical principles found in the Constitution. But that hardly makes it divine, or authoritative, as we know the Bible to be. The Constitution is not the 67th book of the Bible, yet many treat it so.

It is also true that God raised up the United States to play a role in human history. But remember, He did the same with Babylon and then severely punished them afterwards. The question isn’t whether or not God raised up the good ol’ USofA. The question is, “for what purpose did He raise up America?” It was clearly not to be a second Israel, since God finished working through a political country with the coming of Christ.

As for having God’s pleasure, did this country ever really have His pleasure? We assume that it did because of our material and worldly success. In other words, we think that because we have been richly blessed with things, and richly blessed in war, that God’s favor rests upon us. But then we must ask, are those things the real sign of God’s pleasure on the nations?

Realize that Rome, the country that ruled the first century in which the writers of the New Testament lived, was successful in war. Rome was successful in commerce. Rome was successful in education. In many ways, Rome was just as successful as our country is. And God raised up Rome as well. But that does not mean Rome, or the United States, has God’s blessing.

God’s blessing comes through Christ and His shed blood alone. The only real people that God is pleased with, and that truly have His eternal blessings (Ephesians 1:3ff), are His elect, those in Christ, born again. Since a nation cannot be born again, there is really no way for a nation to obtain God’s good pleasure. I don’t believe that God waits until judgment day to judge political entities either. This is why, He is, and was, and continues to pour out His wrath upon those who suppress the truth in all unrighteousness. Since all human governments do so, then all human governments have His wrath poured out on them. The United States is no exception.

Secondly, another reason that God has ordained Trump and Hillary, is so that His people will turn to Him alone for help. For far too long, we have made the assumption that our political salvation, our national salvation, our economic salvation has been wrapped up in the right candidate. Yet, even the candidates that were kind of the right ones, have been truly disappointing to those of us who are conservatives.

This is because we invest too much in our candidates. They are not ever to serve in the role as savior, in any sense of the word, because of their fallen nature. For instance, many are looking to Trump to be our economic savior because he is a businessman and knows how to run things. Anyone who starts out with a billion dollars from his dad, can look pretty savvy when it comes to business. So really, just how sharp is he when it comes to business sense. The LORD will probably give us economic woes, since we are looking to a dreadfully fallen, pig-headed, stubborn and lost mule to deliver us economically.

We also saw this with Obama. Many looked to him to heal our country racially. Really? Yes, they did. But we are more racially divided, have more racial strife than we have had since the 1960s. All Obama has brought is division, not unity.

Fallen presidents cannot save us from the calamity that is to come, only God can. This is why the nation will continue to struggle for racial unity, economic prosperity, political peace and universal happy-clappy-ism.

This is by design. God wants us praying for our leaders, not so we can have racial unity, economic prosperity, political peace or universal happy-clappy-ism. He wants us to pray for our leaders so that (are you ready?), we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence (1 Timothy 2:2). Did you get that? We are never told to pray so that our country can return to greatness again. We are never told to pray for economic prosperity. We are told to pray so that we can lead quiet and peaceable lives with godliness and reverence. That is hardly the prayers that so many movers and shakers pray in their personal quests for significance. It really is surprising that we are never told to pray so we can change culture, make a difference in the world, or to make sure the “right” man becomes president.

Yes, we are told to make disciples, but sometimes I wonder if that emphasis was placed on actually having large families, more than it was on dreaming of large revivals. The reason I feel that way is because so much of what God wants us to do, is through humility and dependence upon Him. Revivals always tend to be upon the “man” who is leading it… and the numbers of people who supposedly trust in Christ in bringing it about. Not a lot of humility there.

But again, the point is that we pray to be quiet, and peaceable. I’m blown away by the simpleness of it all. I know that this isn’t all that we are to pray for, but it really hits home that we are not to be praying for the “right” government. In fact, we should just count on that not happening since more dependence on God will result from the wrong women in office than the right man.

Then we will begin to see the hand of God moving in our lives in a way that we have never dreamed possible. This is because we have never been placed in a situation where we realized our complete and total need of Him (not all, some have learned this reality in their own lives, but I’m speaking of the church as a whole). Let’s be honest with ourselves, the church in the United States really hasn’t had to depend upon God for a lot of things. We have had the easy and gentle road. But the way of the cross is with much tribulation. So if anything, God may be raising up a couple of despots simply because He is going to use them to help purify His people.

I know, not the message most people want to hear. But taking up your cross and following Jesus to the…where?...the cross…never is a message that sells well. It is a lot easier to sell Jesus as a self-help guru than an actual savior. But the truth must be told.

God is sovereign and He has decreed both Trump and Clinton. One of these corrupt souls will be the next president of the United States. Given their corrupt natures, I would expect nothing but more corruption of government to follow as God continues to pour out His wrath on our nation as a whole. And while He does that, we will finally quit looking to fallen men for deliverance and fix our eyes upon the One who is that author and finisher of our faith: Jesus Christ.


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  2. Timothy, this is a private reply. I don’t expect you to put it up, nor do I want you to. Its just some brotherly feedback on some things. In your article you wrote……there is really no way for a nation to obtain God’s good pleasure. I don’t believe that God waits until judgment day to judge political entities either. This is why, He is, and was, and continues to pour out His wrath upon those who suppress the truth in all unrighteousness. Since all human governments do so, then all human governments have His wrath poured out on them……..Ps 33:12 says nations may obtain God’s favor. Perhaps then you may wish to refine your expression. I often need to do this, just so you know I am not acting as one who thinks he is better. Also, on the subject of civil magistrate, our Confession has a chapter on that. Sadly it has been watered down in the RPCNA and other Presbyterian denominations. I look upon civil government as a blessing God has given mankind, and there is greater and lesser purity among them. I have heard stories of other nations like Jamaica and they have very chaotic societies due to the greater corruption in the civil government. I am sure you are not as the Anabaptists who shunned civil government. Though most Governments have been corrupt, does not mean civil government is not the concern of the people of God. We need to give instruction from the word of God, to the civil rulers, what their duty is. I have read 2/3 of your article, and will give feedback as the Lord leads.

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    • Hi Curtis,

      Very good points and thanks for bringing that up. As for Psalm 33:12, I think I referred to that, but as God’s elect. The country is the Kingdom. We are blessed because we are in Christ.

      Also, I want to go over that section on the confession again. I do hold that God has given us civil governments, and that the civil government can be used for the good of the people. But judgment still comes because of the corruption of the civil government.

      BTW, I think the PCA did send a correction notice to the government about drafting of women, however, I don’t think they will heed our voices.


      • Its late…i’m about to fall asleep. I’m not clear on your understanding of Ps 33:12. Hopefully we agree that NATIONS will serve Christ, as Israel served God. You might be aware of the Solemn League and Covenant that England, Scotland, and Ireland took to serve Christ. I believe that is why God use the British Empire to propagate all across the globe..their very strong Christian heritage. I cherish the Puritan Hope which tells us the the Millennium is soon to start (Ez 38; Rev 20). Nations, as nations will serve Christ in that glorious time period.

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  5. My thots on this guys message:

    Sounds like a cop-out to me. We have never had a perfect candidate, for any office. We have always had the necessity of voting for the most godly (or least evil) candidate on the list. Just because the choice becomes more difficult or less obvious doesn’t mean we should cower from the task. Since God tells us in Daniel that He puts rulers in place we could all just stay home.

    We could take the same approach with regard to evangelism since Scripture tells us that He will build His church. God is overseeing the big picture. We are responsible for the little details that our lives touch and effect. We aren’t going to get Our heavenly reward for sitting on the sidelines and clapping for God as He does everything. We were created in Christ Jesus for good works, that we should walk in them.

    This guys approach would be kind of like saying, “I don’t care what kind of person someone else chooses to be my children’s Sunday school teacher. God will see to the results. Pick anyone: a godly man, the nice guy next door, a pedophile – nobody’s perfect, they are all sinners. God is in charge and he will see to the outcome.

    This guy is very short sighted, to say the least.


    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for responding. As for your argument that my actions are a cop out, I would disagree. It is much more difficult to take a principled stand, that go along to get along, or to vote for the lesser of two evils. We are to be faithful in whatever stand we take, faithful to what our conscience dictates. My conscience dictates it’s better to trust the LORD for the well being of the church and His people, rather than cast our lots with that which is evil. Remember that time and time again, God required the people of Israel to trust Him, and they would often make alliances with Egypt and others, not trusting Him. The call for the Christian is to trust.

      Secondly, there is no admonition in Scripture to vote. Romans 13 does not require it. We are to pray for our rulers and submit to them, but getting out to vote is not a requirement to be faithful.

      Third, Daniel never advocated for any of the rulers placed over him. He simply trusted in the LORD with whoever was placed above him. Since both candidates are equally evil, we can trust that the LORD is bringing judgment upon our nation. As I have said on other posts, it’s time for the church to start focusing on being who God has called us to be, and quit worrying about the outcome of the election. You and I, can no more change the outcome of the election than we can add to the days of our lives. However, we can be faithful to what it means to be a Christian while it is yet Today!

      Fourth, your point of evangelism fails, simply because I do know that God has only decreed so many people to come to know the LORD. I do know that God could use stones to declare His glory if He so chose to do so. But I also know He has commanded us to evangelize. So regardless of who is and is not of the elect, since we don’t know, we are called to be obedient.

      Fifth, it’s my job, as a father, to bring my sons up in the admonition of the LORD. Not some Sunday school teacher. I do not submit my sons to their care. I do my best as God has called me to do, to be a faithful father to them.

      Given all this, you say I’m short sighted. What do you mean by that?

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  6. How can you quote Calvin and come up with such nonsense. Our vastly more educated and wiser Founders and forebears knew that, whatever God has foreordained, He first requires us to be faithful and thus choose righteousness righteously, whether or not we think it will prevail, since pleasing and glorifying Him is what He requires. It reminds me of what Christian martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote [I think it may have been in his “Ethics”], that God never intended man to know good and evil, only Him, our sinful reaching out for that forbidden knowledge in the fruit sinfully eaten driving man to death with madness with the overwhelming ruination of its lust power since the Garden as he continues being driven to death with the same madness to this day from which Jesus alone can save us by raising us from the dead as He did Lazarus in John 11. As that passage shows, no one does or can choose Jesus except only AFTER HE has chosen him first.

    Since America’s government is “We the People” and we’re expected to be responsible citizens who ACT responsibiltiy, we don’t have an option to not vote, but to vote your conscience according to the bitterly won right to vote our forbears bought for us with their blood that by not voting you thereby unwittingly monstrously despise. As our vastly wiser and more educated Founders understood, everything is founded on Him and His Word coextensive ALONE. Soli Deo gloria!
    Hebrews 1:1-3. “God, having of old time spoken to the fathers through the prophets by various places and in various ways,  2  has at the end of these days spoken unto us in [his] Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, through whom also he made the universe;  3  who being the radiance of his glory, and the perfect image of his substance, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had made purification of [our] sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;”


    • Are you suggesting that the founders of this nation, should also be our spiritual leaders and guideposts? AS for voting, I am voting. Just not with any of the listed candidates. My allegiance is with Christ and Him alone. That is a stand for righteousness. Unless you can convince me from Scripture, here I stand (as Luther said).


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