Only Christianity Deals With Our Sin


One of the marks that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions is that, forĀ  followers of Christ, their sin is dealt with completely by Christ on the cross. This sets Christianity apart from other religions, because other religions require their followers to perform works in order to balance out, or surpass, their own sinfulness with good works. The followers of other religions, including Roman Catholicism, are doing their best to “be good” in adhering to their religious precepts, but in the end, all they can truly do is “hope for the best” when it comes to judgment day.

This is not so for the true Christian, because the judgment day for the Christian has already taken place…on the cross. For the Christian, by the time he/she comes to the point of trusting in Christ for salvation, their sin has already been dealt with on the cross, even sins not yet committed.

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