Another Last Time

I remember the end of my fifth grade year in school. Just like most kids, I couldn’t wait until the end of school and the beginning of summer. The thought of endless days playing by the creek, or one-out baseball in the cul-de-sac filled my dreams. But something was different about the end of school that year. I knew I was going to miss my classmates and my teacher, Mrs. Williford. I couldn’t help but think that something important was passing away. Something important was being left behind as I left the school, for the last time, and headed into the summer. Part of it was that I was leaving Rummel Creek Elementary School for the final time. I started attending the school in the second grade, and between that first day there, and my last day in fifth grade, that school was part of my home. Leaving it was not easy. I didn’t break down and cry, just felt a strong sense of sadness as I left the school one last time. A period of my life was coming to an end. I was moving from elementary school to junior high.

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