Jesus is Still On the Throne

Reading the headlines like I do, being a recovering news-junkie, I find that I often have to step back and remember that God is ultimately in control. I have to tell myself that, “no, politicians are not going to solve our moral problems.” Politicians do not have the ability to bring about the necessary change that will really turn this country around from it’s slide past Sodom.

Yet, I must admit, our culture is diving quickly into an abyss faster than we can handle. The news is depressing. For instance:

  • It has been more than a week since the misguided ruler issued forth his royal decree that school districts accepting federal money must embrace the transgender students in their midst or run the risk of losing federal funding. It is one of those events that help us see how depraved the president is when it comes to his sexual-perversity agenda.
  • I also read a piece about how young Christians cannot see anything morally wrong with gay marriage. You would think we would have some sway with those who were raised in Christian homes, but according to the article by John Stonestreet, we don’t. In fact, according to the article, young Christians are upset at articles that actually make the case that gay marriage is immoral.
  • Next, on a personal level, the depravity spike at the school where I teach really hit an all-time high this week. No details necessary, but I found myself trying to convince some of my 6th graders that they needed to change. Only, I could not point them to the One who could actually change them. I momentarily bought into the lie that if we display morality before fallen people, that morality can change their hearts in order for them to live moral lives. This is what the morality in the school systems truly is: it’s morality without any power. Only the gospel can change the fallen heart, for only the gospel is the power unto salvation.

All this is very disheartening. So once again, as I have said in the past, we need the reminder that Jesus is still on the throne. This is not the first time that a nation has reached such moral depravity. I remember from my Roman history classes how Caligula demanded that the wives of all the senators show up to the local temple in order to perform as prostitutes so that he could raise money for the next round of games in the Colosseum. Rome also had a high-level of children being used as prostitutes. It was morally acceptable in that culture.

This actually led to the early church reaching out, literally, to the victims of the depravity and bringing them in the kingdom. The story goes that believers who lived in Rome would go out into the woods at night and listen for the abandoned babies that were crying. They had been dumped there by the godless people of Rome because they were a burden. The Christians would raise them as their own. Only our LORD knows how many of those became His redeemed children in the process. That would not have happened, without the gospel. In a godless society, it is in the gospel alone that we have any hope.

What I’m trying to say is that we are not the first Christians to live in such a godless society, where the truth is so depressed. God is not ignorant of the weight we feel in our hearts when we see such depravity in a country that we once loved. And that last statement helps us with part of the problem. Our country, the idea of it’s freedom, justice, and moral purity has become an idol to many. This is why beings like Trump can garner so much support by saying he is going to make America great again (without ever actually saying what that means).

Is it our job to think and work for the greatness of the USofA? As Christians, not really. I know many point to Romans 13 and then jump off and tell us that because of Romans 13, it is our responsibility to vote and to change America. But when we remember who it was that Paul was writing to in Rome, we see that he had every opportunity to call us to insert ourselves into the politics of the day, but did not. I’m not saying that we are not to be involved in politics if the door opens to us. I know that God used Esther and Joseph in politics to save His people. But unless that door opens to us, we need to remain faithful in our calling and in our focus as the people of God. Our calling is far more noble in nature than anything we can do politically.

Here is the main point to all this: if the LORD wanted to use a righteous man to turn this country around, He would. He is the One who will change things. It is by His grace that this country has been great at all, and by His grace if it is restored to greatness. But that should never be our goal. Our goal, as always, is the advancement of His kingdom, not ours. Kingdoms come, and kingdoms go, but the Kingdom of God shall never pass away.


One thought on “Jesus is Still On the Throne

  1. Our country, the idea of it’s freedom, justice, and moral purity has become an idol to many. This is why beings like Trump can garner so much support by saying he is going to make America great again (without ever actually saying what that means).

    Exactly right! But try to raise this subject with a random selection of Americans – Christian or not. There’s a reason those Christian kids think the way they do. Proverbs 22.6 is beating us up. And we deserve it.



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